1. Would you like to start by introducing yourself to The New Age Parents’ readers?

You know me as the Pilates Director of the PowerMoves Pilates in the Park studios; I am also a mother of two amazing young children and the wife of Lieutenant-General Desmond Kuek.

2. What’s the inspirational story behind your business?

It started with wanting to bring the beauty and the miracle of the Pilates method to all whom I care for. In setting up PowerMoves, I set out to touch the lives of as many women as possible so that they may be stronger, fitter and more confident in their bodies while being more empowered in their lives.

3. What is the philosophy that you and your team adopt when it comes to teaching pilates?

In teaching Pilates, our instructors at PowerMoves create workout sessions that are comfortable yet challenging, energising yet relaxing, body-altering and mind-recharging; all this while instilling in you the Pilates fundamentals of how to breathe, concentrate, control, center and flow.

4. Tell us more about the Pilates Classes in Singapore.

We have 100 hours of Pilates classes (in Singapore) weekly that focus on individual needs and goals. These classes are both on the Pilates Mat as well as on Pilates Equipment. We have very small group classes and private classes, classes for rehabilitation and for women with special needs like osteoporosis, scoliosis, prenatal and postnatal to name a few.

5. Both of your premises are located amidst beautifully tranquil surroundings. How can pilates help people in managing stress from their hectic lifestyles?

Our Pilates in the Park studios at Bishan Park and Dempsey Hill are both set in lush greenery away from the busy-city madness. Working out in PowerMoves, all your senses are transported to a resort-like holiday destination; perfect for recharging and rediscovering yourself. Pilates as a mind-body exercise regime teaches one focus and greater awareness which in turn allows one greater capacity to take control and better manage one’s life including the stresses and strains.

6. Is Pilates beneficial for pregnant ladies?

Pilates is highly beneficial for pregnant ladies. With its focus on establishing a strong core and inner centre, its emphasis on the discipline of correct posture and the right breathing patterns; Prenatal Pilates will help keep you fit, prepare you adequately for childbirth and ensure you recover more quickly after.

7. How can Pilates help women get back into shape and the swing of an active lifestyle post-pregnancy?

Pilates with its careful blend of strength and flexibility training will help you improve your posture and tone, give you more energy and balance; enhancing both your physical and mental well-being.

8. Last of all, what is your secret to staying fit and youthful?

Staying fit requires physical exercise. Pilates exercises are perfect as it is low-impact, it strengthens and lengthens your muscles, it develops a strong core (flat abs) and it ensures overall body and mind conditioning. Staying youthful requires that one stays connected to one’s most important values like love, laughter, beauty, peace, joy.

Whatever makes you happy is exactly that which you ought to be doing more of! For me, it is being surrounded by the love of family and friends and the joy of teaching others to achieve their health n fitness goals through Pilates in the Park. :-)
PowerMoves Pilates

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