Imagine this: You have had a long, hard day at work. You walk through the front door, only to be greeted by a sparkling clean home alongside the aroma of a delicious home-cooked meal. Your children are happily engaged in their activities – they have completed their assignments.

Sounds too good to be true? Domestic helper agencies in Singapore can help realize this dream. Here’s a list of some of the Domestic Helper Agencies in Singapore to help get you started.

1. Help Is Here

Help Is Here Top Maid Agency SingaporeSource

HELP IS HERE is a leading maid agency in Singapore, bringing diligent domestic helpers and satisfied employers together. They provide personalised consultation for hiring domestic helpers as well as exceptional after-sales service. Each home has its unique household needs, and their team of experienced consultants take the time to understand employers’ requirements, and are committed to work closely with employers to find the perfect match for your family.

They believe in a providing a hassle-free experience, and that’s why they deploy helpers directly to employers’ home. They handle all the necessary paperwork, work permit and insurance applications, and ensure that your helper arrives at employer’s your doorstep in a timely and efficient manner.

☎️ (+65) 8922 2123


2. Bliss Helper

Bliss Helper Maid Agency Singapore

As an established brand in the industry, Bliss Helper is committed to delivering excellence. They recognise that finding suitable domestic helpers requires a tailored approach and there needs to be more than a one-for-all solution. With Bliss Helper’s quality assurance, you can be guaranteed that they will go to great lengths to ensure quality standards are provided. All the domestic helpers are carefully interviewed and filtered to ascertain that their attributes meet the needs of the employers.

For more information, visit Bliss Helper.



3. Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd

Universal Employment Agency Domestic Helper SingaporeSource

With an impressive track record spanning over 35 years, Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a well-established maid agency in Singapore, they possess a deep understanding of their client’s requirements and are dedicated to assisting them in finding the perfect helper. The agency specializes in the placement of helpers primarily from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar, ensuring a comprehensive range of options for families seeking assistance.

☎️ (+65) 6735 345


4. JForce

JForce top maid agency singaporeSource

Renowned as an award-winning maid agency in Singapore, JForce excels in connecting families with skilled domestic helpers from Indonesia. Setting them apart, JForce operates its own training center in Indonesia, allowing for personalized training tailored to suit each family’s specific requirements.

The agency’s dedicated and knowledgeable sales consultants meticulously screen all applicants to ensure they meet your expectations before being matched with your family. With diverse packages tailored to individual needs, JForce provides competitive rates, ensuring excellent value for clients. The agency guarantees responsive customer service and convenient access for clients, regardless of their location. Catch them at one of their three branches!

☎️ (+65) 6635 2506 / 6909 7835


5. Inter Great

Inter Great is a domestic helper agency in Singapore that has earned recognition for its professionalism and reliability, exemplified by the prestigious Singapore 500 Enterprise Awards. The agency places significant emphasis on ensuring client security by thoroughly checking and verifying maid records from respective embassies.

Understanding the linguistic diversity in Singapore, Inter Great offers bilingual maids proficient in both English and Mandarin. This linguistic flexibility enables effective communication and comprehension of clients’ needs, regardless of their native language. Inter Great also specializes in providing maids with specific expertise, such as childcare, patient care, and elderly care.

The agency goes the extra mile by arranging face-to-face interviews between clients and potential maids so clients can make informed decisions based on direct assessment and evaluation.

☎️ (+65) 8299 0026


6. Thumbs Up Employment Agency

This esteemed maid agency in Singapore places a strong emphasis on client satisfaction, employing a personalized approach that caters to your precise requirements. Thumbs Up Employment Agency specializes in finding the ideal match for families seeking domestic helpers.

Offering an extensive range of services, the agency excels in placing both new and experienced domestic helpers, seamlessly managing the transfer of helpers, and facilitating direct hires from Indonesia and Myanmar, all at affordable rates.

What sets this agency apart is its team of skilled maids who undergo specialized training to ensure exceptional care for the elderly, children, and infants. These dedicated professionals possess expertise not only in household chores but also in the art of cooking!

☎️ (+65) 8821 4292

With the assistance of these trusted domestic helper agencies in Singapore, finding a reliable and trustworthy domestic helper for your family has never been easier!

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