Red Packets 🧧 are every couple or parent’s must-have during Chinese New Year. Besides giving out Ang Pows to the little ones, here are some creative ways you can use them to spice up your home.

How To Make Red Packet Lanterns

We list down three Chinese New Year DIY Red Packet Lanterns you can do. Don’t forget to get your little one to help you out too!

1. Ang Pow Lucky Star


2. Lamp-Shaped Chinese New Year Lantern


3. Ang Pow Fan Lantern

For more videos, go here.

For more Chinese New Year lantern making, or making lantern with red packets, visit here.


New: 4. Small Red Packet (Hongbao) Fish


For those who want more challenging ones:

5. Traditional Hongbao Lantern


6. 3-D Ang Pow Dragon

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We have compiled a list of Where to go during Chinese New Year especially for our readers. Click on the image to read more.

Chinatown Chinese New Year

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