Chinese New Year is just around the corner!

Amidst the madness of CNY preparations, here are 3 fun crafts to try with your children, using supplies you can easily find around the house.

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Hongbao Firecracker

Hongbao Firecracker step 1

Materials needed:

  • 8 long red packets (can be various designs)
  • Thin ribbon, cut to size
  • 3 pcs of 5″ ribbon
  • 1 pc of 26″ ribbon
  • Red paper circle
  • Black marker
  • Double-sided tape/glue
  • Scissors

Chinese New Year crafts how to make lanterns using red packets


  1. Roll up each red packet into a hollow tube (“cracker”) and stick in place. Optional: Line both ends with the ribbon.
  2. Attach three pairs of crackers using the short pieces of ribbon and the last pair using the long piece of ribbon.
  3. Tie the three shorter pairs of crackers to the long pair and adjust position to dangle at varying heights.
  4. Write “福” or other CNY greeting on the red paper circle and adhere to the ribbon, near to the top of the loop.

Lucky Fans

Chinese New Year Handicrafts DIY

Materials needed:

  • Pink/red paper napkins
  • Red paper
  • Marker
  • Thread
  • Double-sided tape/glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

CNY fans craft step 1


  1. Cut each napkin into four squares and place squares on top of each other.
  2. Use a stack of eight squares per paper flower.
  3. Fold the whole stack of eight accordian style, keeping the folds small and even.
  4. Cut the edges into a scallop pattern.
  5. Fold at the centre and tie tightly with string.
  6. Carefully pull apart all the layers of tissue paper and fluff them out to look like a fan.
  7. Cut a small round-edged rectangle from the red paper and adhere to both sides of the fan to cover the thread. Write “福” or other CNY greeting on the red paper. Thread your ribbon through the paper loop and hang on the wall or door knob to decorate your home!

Chinese New Year Crafts Chinese Fan

DIY Chinese New Handicrafts for kids

Festive Guide

Materials needed:

  • A few sheets of plain paper
  • Black marker and pen
  • Double-sided tape/glue
  • Scissors
  • CNY motifs – cut from magazines or old red packets

Festival Guide


  1. Cut a few pages from the paper, according to your preferred size, eg 4R size or A5 size.
  2. Write fun facts on some of the pages and/or add CNY motifs or illustrations – be creative! (Older children can search for these facts online, while younger children may need you to write the facts for them)
  3. Combine your pages on a mini clipboard (from Daiso) or punch holes and tie together with ribbon. You can even bring it along with you on those long car rides so your kids can familiarise themselves with the CNY customs and greetings enroute to the various homes.

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