Club Rainbow (Singapore) launches Dreamseeds Arts Fest – an inclusive celebration of artistic expression and creation.

Championing the freedom to express and create in an inclusive arts community, the inaugural edition of Dreamseeds Arts Fest opens at the Visual Arts Centre from 3-7 November 2016. It brings together creative practitioners, beneficiaries, and the public with an array of programmes that includes an art exhibition, creative workshops, and an official opening concert featuring beneficiaries and local musicians on 5 November 2016.

dreamseeds art fest
Photo by Lenne Chai Photography

Underscoring Club Rainbow (Singapore)’s mission to empower beneficiaries towards an enriching life, Dreamseeds Arts Fest serves as an inclusive platform that offers equal creative opportunities for beneficiaries to realize their potential. “Together with our partners and the local arts community, we hope to encourage our beneficiaries to seed their aspirations and grow their dreams,” says Dr. Sashikumar Ganapathy, President of Club Rainbow (Singapore).

In preparation for Dreamseeds Arts Fest, beneficiaries worked alongside creative practitioners across both visual and performing art genres such as printmaking classes with Fictive Fingers, cajon lessons with BEAT’ABOX GROUP, song-and-dance repertoires with The Kids Performing Academy of the Arts, and sessions with local musicians JAWN and Take Two. Visual artist Clautural will also be working with beneficiaries on a mural that will be presented at the exhibition. These ongoing collaborations provide dedicated mentorship for beneficiaries to discover new interests, develop confidence to interact beyond their comfort zones, and be inspired—all while paving the way for unique joint performances.

One of the two joint performances during the official opening concert features beneficiary Samuel Lim Hong Xiang, 17, who will be playing the guzheng in a collaborative act with Take Two. Musically gifted, he found his love for music eight years ago and has been endeavoring hard at his craft ever since. Having always been curious about the fusion of Western and Eastern sounds, Samuel is excited about the opportunity to create his very own blend of music with the band. He says, “My wish is that through Dreamseeds Arts Fest, we will be able to reach out to a wide range of music lovers and bring them together to share their music.” Frontman of Take Two, Paddy Jonathan Ong, 28, shares Samuel’s sentiment. “We should have done something like this sooner. It’s inspiring to witness how the love of music truly knows no boundaries.”

Like Samuel, there are numerous beneficiaries who possess a keen aptitude and passion for the arts and will be performing and/or showing their work at Dreamseeds Arts Fest. The festival is a culmination of their fruits of labour, both a showcase of their dreams and a demonstration of their ability to boldly chase them. It spotlights their creative explorations and engagements, with beneficiaries taking centre stage to present what they have worked hard on over the past few months to not just family and friends, but members of the public as well.

About Club Rainbow (Singapore):
Set up in 1992, Club Rainbow (Singapore) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to support and empower children with chronic illnesses, and their families, by providing compassionate relevant services in their journey towards an enriching life. These chronic illnesses include rare genetic disorders, blood disorders, as well as congenital heart diseases. Club Rainbow (Singapore) provides varied forms of support such as counselling, group sharing sessions, social activities, tuition and financial assistance.

The beneficiaries range from newborns to youths up to the age of 20. Through activities like Camp Rainbow and the launch of Dreamseeds Arts Fest, the organisation is able to continually implement engaging programmes for our beneficiaries to learn and grow from. For more information, please visit

Dreamseeds Arts Fest
Launch: 5 Nov 2016, 3pm – 8pm
(Guest of Honor: Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office)
Duration: 3 – 7 Nov 2016
Venue: Visual Arts Centre
Address: Dhoby Ghaut Green, 10 Penang Rd, Singapore 238469

Keep up to date:

Art Exhibition
Duration: 3 – 7 Nov 2016
Venue: Exhibition Gallery, Visual Arts Centre
Time: 3pm – 8pm (Launch Day), 11am – 8pm (All other days)
The exhibition is conceptualised broadly from the idea of a garden, drawing inspiration from its familiarity as a site that incubates young saplings and possibilities. It celebrates the uninhibited freedom of creation and expression, presenting a plethora of art forms by the beneficiaries such as print-making, canvas painting, photography and drawing alongside a collaborative mural by artist Clautural.

Launch Day Concert
Duration: 5 Nov 2016
Venue: Outdoor Amphitheatre, Dhoby Ghaut Green (Located just beside the Visual Arts Centre)
Time: 5pm – 7:30pm
Highlighting the spirit of collaboration, the concert will feature performances by various beneficiaries and joint acts with JAWN and Take Two.

Duration: 3 – 6 Nov 2016
Venue: Studio, Visual Arts Centre
A series of workshops will run throughout the course of the festival duration, encouraging diverse ways of creative play. Workshops are open to public and function on a first-come-first-served basis, with priority given to beneficiaries.

Launch Day Concert Schedule

dreamseeds art fest launch day concert

Workshops Schedule

dreamseeds art fest workshop