There are many myths that circulate around motherhood, things which we have heard from other mummies or our elders. Let us look at some of the motherhood myths you may have heard.

motherhood myths

Myth #1: Postnatal Depression is considered taboo

Postnatal depression is a form of clinical depression that can affect women usually during the first few months of birth. There are numerous possible causes for this, though experts believe that the main reason is due to the change in lifestyle and the sudden realization on the responsibilities motherhood would bring about.

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Many mothers find it difficult to admit that they are not coping well, even to their family and close friends. Do not be afraid or ashamed of your condition or to seek help from professionals.

Myth #2: Motherhood is innate

There is no such thing as a natural-born mother. Some may have more maternal instincts than others, but motherhood is an entirely new area for all women. No one knows how to handle their baby right from day one. Handling a baby does not come with an instruction manual with step by step explanations. Parenting instruction manuals can only help us to a certain extent.

Reading up and sharing experiences with mothers would help in the overall process. As with any new relationship, give and take a few months, and soon you will be a little more familiar and confident at handling your child!

Myth #3: “I’ll feel an intense amount of love and joy for my child all the time!”

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Of course, all mothers will feel joy and love for their child. However, there are days and times when you feel like everything is going wrong, especially on days when you are sleep-deprived and tired. This is when you may find yourself not “liking” your child as much as the day before.

You may get all flustered and may even start to question your love for your child. Be assured that you are not alone and this is common among parents, especially on a very bad day or when the child is going through a rebellious phase.

Myth #4: “My child is first priority. I should not think of enjoying myself while leaving him with a caregiver.”

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Sure, your child might be your first priority, but you should also have some alone time to pick up new hobbies or engage in activities that you used to enjoy before becoming a mother. The guilt might overpower you during the first few occasions, however, always remember that your life should not only centre around your child but balance it out with some “me” time. After all, there’s a saying that goes “Absence makes the heart fonder”.

Myth #5: Babies only start teething during his 9th month of life

There is a popular belief that babies will only start teething after he turns 9 months. However, each child is different and a unique individual. There is no definite time frame for babies to start developing their first tooth, although it commonly happens between 4 months to 9 months.

As long as you know your baby is healthy and developing well, there is no big cause for concern. So do not be pressured when peers around you start commenting on the cute little spout of the tooth they see on their babies while your little bub has still no signs of teething yet!

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Myth #6: You are a bad mother if motherhood does not satisfy you

motherhood myth

Some mothers out there may find that motherhood alone is enough to satisfy them. However, there are some mothers who may need something else to stimulate their minds after the initial excitement of having a child has passed.

There is nothing wrong in missing the interactions with adults and the satisfaction of having a successful career. If having a career while being a full-time mother is your cup of tea, go ahead and do so! Most importantly, a balance should be maintained between work and home.

The transition into motherhood is no easy task. It is not uncommon to feel incompetent and out of control from time to time as many women feel overwhelmed by it. With more practice and support, you will find your footing soon enough.

Contributed by Taimaobi.

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