Getting pregnant is indeed one of the ultimate desires of a woman whose body and entire physical built functions for the nourishment of a child in the womb. Pregnancy is what makes women special and distinct to men as this role fulfills the essence of being.

treading to motherhood

The road to motherhood is not as always as it may seem to others. A few people may find it hard to get pregnant given the nature of their jobs, their genetic structure ad their priorities. For those who seek to have a baby, here are some surefire ways to ensure that a new family member will be gracing your home soon:

1. Two to three months before conception, you may start taking folic acid in order to prevent infants to acquire neural defects; Studies have shown that mothers who have sufficient amount of folic acids in their bodies are preventing the occurrence of spina bifida by 50 to 70 per cent.

2. Make love during your fertile period. For more chances, you might want to make love every 48 hours to ensure the shipment of the sperm in the fallopian tube.

3. Always remember that getting pregnant is only dependent on a 25 to 30 per cent chance of conception in any given cycle.

4. Minimize your caffeine intake. If you are very fond of coffee, you can switch to decaf at once while working out for your pregnancy. The fact is that caffeine restricts the growth of a baby while constricting blood vessels and hampering blood flow to the uterus.

5. Begin your journey to pregnancy with a menstrual calendar. Take note of the beginning and the ending of your menstrual cycle to be very accurate when dealing with conception problems.

6. Make sure you and your partner are not exposed to hazardous substances in the workplace. If you are determined to start your family, you can switch jobs or you can do something about your exposure to hazards that might hinder your conception.

7. Make the vaginal environment more conducive for the thriving of the sperm. Do away with tampons and vaginal sprays that ruins the ph balance and even vegetable oils, glycerin and artificial lubricants that terminate the sperm.

8. As much as possible, try to avoid douching as it does not only alter the acidity of the vagina but it also washes away the cervical mucus which is responsible in transporting the sperm towards the egg.

9. Conduct vaginal mucus check ups before swimming, bathing and taking a shower. This could ensure the quality and the quantity of the mucus in your cervix.

10. If problems with getting pregnant seem to bee out of your hand, you can consult your pregnancy specialist for professional help.

Each woman is specially crafted to bear a child. The blessing may not come at once or as soon as you desired. Some may have waited a decade before the much-awaited conception. Indeed, blessings come to each and everyone at God’s own designated time. Patience is a virtue. It pays to wait because everything happens with a reason.

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