Sleep is an integral part of our lives. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. There are many factors that affect our sleep quality such as light levels, sound, stress and others. But the most important factor would be your bed. Studies have shown that an uncomfortable bed can deprive you of one hour of sleep per night.

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Choosing the right mattress can make a huge difference. Memory foam mattress, latex mattress, spring mattress, foam mattress – with all the different types of mattresses available in the market, you may be at a lost or confused. In recent years, there seems to be growing popularity and demand for latex mattress.

choosing latex mattress

Why Latex Mattress?

Latex is a milky white liquid tapped from the sap of rubber trees. Today, there are two types of latex available: natural and synthetic. Usually, a mixture of both natural and synthetic latex is used in the production of latex foam bedding components. Because latex resists many varieties of mould, fungus and bacteria, latex mattresses are anti-dust-mite and anti-bacterial. If your child has allergies, sensitive nose or sinus, you may want to consider using this instead as it helps to alleviate these conditions. It also does not contain natural fillers such as wool, cotton, or animal hair.

Latex mattresses also easily conform to the contours of our body, providing orthopaedic support and pressure relief. This makes it suitable for young children with developing spine and bones. In addition, latex mattresses also have enhanced breathability is more resistant to heat and moisture, making it very cool and comfortable to sleep on at night.

Choosing The Right Latex Mattresses

A simple test you can try is to slide your hand between the mattress and your back. If your hand slides in easily, with your hand still in contact with your back and the mattress, it’s probably the mattress for you. You can also check the filling and padding specifications, including the thickness and density of the mattress.

When deciding to buy a latex mattress, you may come across terms such as 100% latex or 100% natural latex. However, latex cannot be extracted and produced in its pure natural state due to the nature of its compound. Therefore, there is no pure 100% natural latex in the market.

Another factor you may want to check is the mattress certifications and labels. Most mattress or products would have certifications by relevant international institutes, to qualify and claim that their products were imported and produced properly.

You may want to check for the following relevant labels and certifications before buying your mattress:

Oeko-tex┬« Standard 100 and Euro Latex ECO-standard – for harmful substances. This is especially important for parents who are looking for mattress for their babies.

LGA certificate or mark – for life time testing. If you are unsure about the mattress warranty, you can use this certificate as a benchmark.

Where to get latex mattresses in Singapore

If you are interested in getting a latex mattress, you may want to check iBenma’s Belgium latex mattress. Made from natural and synthetic latex, the mattress is certified and Eco-friendly. iBenma also offers latex pillows.

iBenma is a one-stop children’s furniture centre in Singapore and is dedicated to sourcing and supplying high quality but affordable children’s furniture.

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