Combi TNAP Editors Awards 2022

Caring for a newborn can be a tricky and exhausting affair for new parents as the little ones have to wake up multiple times for milk feeds and diaper change. The erratic change in weather, temperature and environment may affect the baby’s sleep pattern too. Well, that’s not all! The most challenging and also frustrating issue is when your baby shows signs of colic, that’s when you find your baby fussing and wailing incessantly for hours through the weeks with no apparent reasons.

Combi High Chair Bedi Long

Handling a newborn is definitely no easy feat for parents! What most parents crave is an additional pair of hands to help you out so you can get some rest and regain your sanity. Imagine this beautiful scene where your baby falls asleep magically on their own without you soothing and rocking them for hours through the day? Well, the good news as your dream can come true with Combi’s High Chair Nemulila BEDi Long! The auto-swing high chair comes with a unique swing movement that can soothe and put your baby to bed within minutes, yes we are talking about 5 minutes and 42 seconds approximately!

Combi Baby Swing Chair Bedi Long

This parenting station comes with 4 silent swivel wheels that allow you to monitor your baby alongside you, no matter if you are busy working or doing housework, the parenting station can be gently pushed right next to you! The auto swing mode increases intensity with baby’s growth and can be used till they turn one year old. Subsequently, you can use it as a diaper changing station or a feeding high chair all the way till your child turns four! Say yay to a multi-functional high chair to support your baby’s sleeping arrangement, learning, playing and feeding needs! Check out the amazing features of Nemulila BEDi Long high chair.

Combi Baby High Chair Bedi Long

8 highlights of Combi’s Nemulila BEDi Long high chair

1. Comes with 5 adjustable seat height and 5 angles for different needs – vertically inclined for sleeping, diaper changing and upright position for feeding, learning and interaction.

2. The senor oscillates in cycles according to the weight of the baby, which means that the pulses imitate the human’s heartbeat and make the newborn feel secure as if they are right in your arms.

3. Different babies come in different sizes, the high chair allows extra extension for the footrest, which means it will always be a perfect fit no matter the size of your baby and also, it will support them as they grow and develop.

Combi Bedi Long Baby High Chair

4. The reversible Dacco seat cushion provides the extra comfort for sleeping in all weather conditions as you can reverse the cushion to suit the temperature. This premium cushion is also equipped with Combi’s unique “EggShock” technology that absorbs vibration and provides your baby with maximum comfortability and protection. The soft fabric provides ultimate comfort for your baby and is made of quick dry materials so you can wash and disinfect it without a worry!

5. The sleep shell does not just provide the perfect dimness to promote sleep, it also comes with 99.9% UV-A/UV-B protection against the harmful sunray and UPF 50+ too.

6. Comes with 7 lullabies to choose from, you can select your baby’s favourite tune to soothe them to sleep!

Combi High Chair Bedi Long Baby Swing Chair

7. You don’t have to worry that the seat becomes too warm to support your baby’s sleep. The seat comes with 380 air holes to promote ventilation!

8. It is suitable for a newborn up to four years of age! The long usage makes the high chair super value for money!

Combi Bedi Long High Chair

No doubt that the Combi’s Nemulila BEDi Long high chair is definitely a long term investment for you! We will say it is definitely value for money as you are investing in a 3-in-1 environmentally-friendly children’s furniture! With Combi’s Nemulila BEDi Long high chair, you just got yourself a changing station, an auto-swing chair/bed and a high chair. We have never seen such a practical and amazing children’s furniture that will support you through the initial challenging period of caring for a newborn right up to the days they start playing, learning and weaning! We will say Combi’s Nemulila BEDi Long high chair is the saviour and best investment for your parenting journey!

Dimension: In swing bed mode – W520 x D830 x H410~740mm | Chair mode – W520 x D690~865 x H690~1020mm
Price: $716.00

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By Crystal Tan.

Combi TNAP Editors Awards 2022

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