Talk about baby and children’s products, Combi will be a popular brand amongst parents, especially mummies who believe in investing in comfortable and safe products for their babies. Combi’s range of strollers are well-known for their shock absorption technology and compact size. They won the Red Dot Product Design Winner 2020 for its Highest Ranking Shock Absorption in their strollers. Combi is definitely a trusted brand amongst families.

Combi Sugocal Switch - Switch As You Wish

A new stroller launch from Combi was recently announced and we would like to present to you – Combi Sugocal Switch! And right here you are wondering what is special about this stroller? We are very sure that this ideal stroller is not just easy on your pocket, but it is going to impress you and your baby!

As parents, we always love children’s products that are durable, safe, cost-effective and long-lasting! Combi Sugocal Switch stroller weighs only 5.7 kg and is designed for a newborn right up to the year they turn 4 years old (approximately 18kg). The reversible handle is able to convert from rear to front facing, allowing for an easy and convenient switch whenever the need arises. What is unique about the wheels is that the front wheels measuring at 14 cm allows for easy swivel and the 18cm double rear wheels that come with air suspension, provide stability and protect the baby’s head especially when passing through gaps and uneven ground. The high seat measuring at 54 cm is conducive and promotes interaction when you are seated at the restaurant or even during train ride.

Combi Sugocal Switch Foldable Stroller

We know Combi’s signature strollers always come with its special award-winning shock absorption technology and it’s the same with Sugocal Switch. This stroller comes with a premium full body Eggshock (EG) Dacco + EG Head pad, full EG seat cushion and 3cm underseat support, meaning the structure of this stroller provides an all-rounded vibration absorbing system that cushions any hint of impact and keeps your baby safe and protected. It also means that your baby can rest or sleep soundly through the ride! The large canopy also shades your child from harmful UV rays.

Combi Sugocal Switch Eggshock Compact Stroller

Besides having a huge compartment installed under the seat to store baby’s products and nappies, you will find that the manufacturer has thoughtfully installed a strap underneath the seat. When the stroller is collapsed, any parent can easily carry this light-weight stroller conveniently through the strap. With its light-weight, compact size, sleek folding and adjustable handle, it is easy to store it away in the car boot or your storeroom after use. That makes Sugocal Switch a great product for you and your baby!

Combi Sugocal Switch Lightweight Stroller

10 keys highlights about Combi Sugocal Switch

  • 18 cm double rear wheels provide stability when passing through gaps. The structure supports the baby’s head, especially during face-to-face mode.
  • 14 cm single front wheels, free and easy to swivel and turn wherever you go.
  • Reversible handle converts from rear-facing to forward effortlessly
  • Provides an all-rounded vibration absorbing system:
    Full body Eggshock technology in Dacco and seat cushion.
  • All wheels come with air suspension for a smooth ride
  • Light-weight at 5.7kg and come with carry strap
  • With handle adjustable for different users
  • Can use from newborn right up to 4 years old (approximately 18kg)
  • High seat measuring at 54cm promotes interaction
  • Compact one-hand folding with adjustable handle

Stroller specification

Suitable age group: Newborn up to 4 years old (approximately 18kg)
Color: Black or Navy blue
Height of wheels: 14 cm (front) | 18cm (back)
Product weight: 5.5kg | 5.8kg (with Dacco seat cushion)
Product dimension: 49.5 x 79.0 – 88 x 96 – 102 cm
Product dimension (when folded): 49.5 x 36 x 87.5 – 96.5 cm
Price: $699

Get yours here!

Founded in 1957, Combi has been manufacturing baby products for over 65 years. Combi’s mission is to be parents’ helping hands, assisting them in bringing up their babies effortlessly by innovating and providing quality products and services for the families.

This post is brought to you by Combi.

By Crystal Tan.

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