Sometimes, don’t you just wish there are simple tricks to help you get past each of these life phases smoothly and obstacle-free?

Ever heard of lifehacks? Lifehacks are strategies or techniques adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Here are 10 top parenting lifehacks that may just come in handy for you.

1. Table Hammock

table hammockPhoto credit: joyfulabode

Having to deal with a grouchy child is not an easy task for any parents. It requires patience, tolerance, and high levels of compassion. Well, take this tip and subdue a cranky child: make a table hammock with bed sheet. Let him/her have some fun and who knows, they may even snooze off once they get tired of it.

2. Sprinkle Up

sprinklersPhoto credit: savoringthethyme

Sometimes you nearly tore out your hair by just getting your little one to eat healthy snacks or drinks. We have a simple trick: pour sprinkles on nearly everything! Children are often attracted to colours, and they will automatically come forth once their curiosity kicks in.

3. Get-Along Shirt

get along shirtPhoto credit: sheridanfrench

You have a nine-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl. They just can’t get along with each other no matter how you teach them. Easy-peasy! Make them wear a “Get-Along t-shirt” for at least an hour until they learn the importance of kinship.

4. Baby Shower Cap

baby shower capPhoto credit: Amazon

A newborn’s eyes are the most important organ during their infancy stage. It is recommended for all parents to invest in a baby shower cap to protect their eyes while bathing for them.

5. Animal Toothpaste Casings

adorable toothpaste casingPhoto credit: Amazon

Does your child detest brushing teeth? Make teeth-brushing an entertaining and enjoyable process with these adorable animal toothpaste casings!

6. DIY Monster Repellant Spray

DIY Monster SprayPhoto credit: Happygoluckyblog

Bad dreams may not to have a toll on adults, but to children, they are scary and frightening. Help your child battles his/her nightmares with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Monster-Go-Away spray!

7. Muffin Cup Cum Ice Cream Protector

muffin cup ice cream protectorPhoto credit: life hacks

Eating ice cream in this humid Singapore weather is a challenge for adults, let alone the children (especially when they eat at home). Try using a muffin cup to protect the ice cream from melting and you’ll be amazed by the effectiveness of this mini kitchen tool!

8. Eco-friendly Stickers

eco-friendly stickersPhoto credit: Hu2

Does little ones always forget to switch off the lights after they run out of their room? Teach them the importance of saving electricity by using these pretty eco-friendly stickers and let education be fun and refreshing!

9. Bathing In A Laundry Basket

bathing in a laundry basketPhoto credit: reddit

Bathing your child alone in a bath tub may seem unsafe. Why not try putting them in the laundry basket? This not only keeps their toys from floating away, but also a safer way to keep them cleaned.

10. Old School Phone

old nokia phonePhoto credit: turbosquid

Do you still keep your old mobile phones? If yes, that’s good. Save those old Nokia phones and let them double up as your child’s play phone!

Contributed by silentburps.

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