Parents in Singapore don’t have to fold their strollers when they board the bus anymore. From 2 April 2017, open strollers are allowed onto public buses, except when it is crowded.

Can I bring baby stoller up the bus

New relaxed rules

This announcement by Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) serves to make travelling with young children on public buses more convenient. In line with the government’s efforts to create a more inclusive public transport network, other commuters are encouraged to be patient if parents with open strollers take a longer time to board buses.

However, there are safety guidelines parents need to take note of when boarding the bus with strollers.

1. Priority Queues

You should wait in the priority queues at bus interchanges. The general order for passengers to board is wheelchair-bound passengers, passengers with strollers and then other passengers.

2. Wheelchair Accessible buses

While all public buses allow open strollers, you are encouraged to bring them onto wheelchair accessible buses as they are designed for easier boarding and offer more space. Wheelchair accessible buses will have a wheelchair decal on the front windscreen.

3. Board by the front door

The rear door should only be used if the stroller is unable to fit through the front door. If you need to board by the rear door and/or use the ramp for your stroller, approach the bus captain for help.

4. Folding of strollers in crowded buses

If the bus is already crowded before you board, the bus captain may request for you to fold your stroller. However, if the bus gets crowded when your stroller is already on board, then you will not be required to fold it.

5. Designated Wheelchair space

Park your open stroller in the designated wheelchair space and make sure to use the brakes to secure your stroller, to prevent it from rolling around. However, remember that passengers in wheelchairs will still be given priority.

6. Prevent obstruction

Avoid parking your stroller along the aisle, near the entry and exit points and the upper decks of a double-decker bus.

7. Dimensions of Open Stroller

Your open stroller should not exceed 1.2m (length) by 0.7m (width). If it is unable to fit through the doorway of the bus or the bus is too crowded, it will need to be folded up before boarding and alighting.

8. Responsibility for your Child’s safety

You are responsible for your child’s safety, including during boarding and alighting. Be alert and hold on tightly to the open stroller during your journey.

If you commute often on a public transport, choose strollers with these features:

  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Foldable with one hand
  • Able to stand on its own when folded
  • Able to roll while folded
  • Lower compartments for storage

Stroll Lite

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This was first published in our e-book Your Baby’s Feeding and Growing Years.

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