An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 was detected in Indonesia on 25 Feb 2022, 9.39am (SG time). Tremors were reported in several areas in Singapore. Nil tsunami advisory.

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To date, tremors felt in Singapore have all been due to earthquakes in the region. The Meteorological Services Division, the SCDF and the Police will take immediate action should there be indications of such ground movements posing a threat to Singapore.

The public is advised to remain calm and do the following:


1. Keep calm and stay away from windows, display shelves, lighting fixtures or anything that may fall on you and cause injury.

2. Take cover under a sturdy table, preferably made of wood or other strong materials.

3. When the tremors stop, get out from under the table and switch off all gas and electrical appliances; do not touch any damaged electrical wiring.

4. Do not use matches on other naked flames as there might be a gas leakage caused by the tremors. Dial 1800 752 1800 to report a gas pipe leakage if you smell one.

5. Check your surroundings for any new cracks and other structural defects on building elements such as walls, columns and beams. Evacuation is only necessary when there are visible signs of structural defects on building elements (e.g. new cracks).

6. If there are new cracks:

  • Call the Building & Construction Authority at 6325 7191 or 6325 7393 if you are in a non-HDB building;
  • Call the Essential Maintenance Service Unit (EMSU) serving your area if you are in an HDB estate; the number can be found at your lift lobby.

7. Tune in to the radio or television for updates on the tremor situation.

8. Avoid dialing 995 or 999 to prevent the jamming of emergency lines; call the SCDF or Police only if there is an


1. Stay away from buildings and overhead electrical cables.

2. Remain in the open until the tremors stop.

3. If you are driving, stop as soon as safety permits and remain in your vehicle. Avoid stopping near trees, buildings, bridges, overpasses or overhead electrical cables.


1. Switch off all lights and electrical appliances.

2. Turn off all gas appliances and taps.

3. Gather family members together.

4. Grab your Ready Bag(s).

5. Lock up your house.

6. Leave the building in an orderly manner via the staircases; do not use the lifts.


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