Here’s something interesting that market analysts have discovered about human nature.

When choosing a product we don’t know much about, we tend to lean towards the higher or highest-priced item, assuming that it might be of higher quality. This spills over into our sensory perceptions too. (Source)

As parents, we want the best for our kids. But does it mean we have to buy costly baby strollers or the most expensive milk powder in the market?

Price of infant formula

It’s not always about the price tag.

And we’ve all had experience that tells us so – that a higher priced item or service may not always be the ‘better one’.

Infant Formula: More Expensive = More Nutrients?

As recommended by World Health Organisation and Health Promotion Board, breastmilk is recommended for newborns until they are 6 months old or older.

But when breastfeeding is inadequate or not possible, infant milk formula can be an alternative and supplementary source of infant nutrition.

With so many brands of formula milk in the market, how do you choose one that suits your baby best?

Does the most expensive brand mean it’s the best?

We round up a few brands and did a comparison.

First we looked at the cost of a few formula brands.

Formula Brand Price
Enfamil A+ Stage 2 360DHA + PX & GOS (900g) $55.75
Friso Gold Follow Up Formula Step 2 (900g) >$55.00
FairPrice Gold Stage 2 (900g) $29.00
Australia’s Own Gold Follow On Step 2 (900g) $29.50
Dumex Dupro Step 2 Baby Milk Formula (800g) $19.90

Source: FairPrice On

Next, we looked at the nutrition table of each brand.

singapore formula milk nutrients comparisionSource: Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH)

Based on the table above, we noticed that formula brands in the range of $50 and above have certain nutrient contents (i.e. DHA, Iron, Calcium, Choline, Folic Acid or Zinc) higher than the other brands.

Does this mean that affordable and ‘cheaper’ formula options are inadequate for your baby?

Cheaper Infant Formula Just As Nutritious

what is baby tooth decay

Despite differences in price and formula recipes in brands, the Health Promotion Board states that all formulas sold in Singapore are nutritionally adequate for babies.

Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, has also come forward to debunk this myth.

He adds even though several infant formula companies give the impression that their brands can “do more for children”, the scientific evidence shown so far is weak.

Reminding parents that cheaper options are just as nutritious, Dr Koh warned parents not to be misled into using price as a stand-in for quality of the product and to be vigilant when it comes to relying on claims made by infant formula companies.

Rising Cost of Infant Formula

The cost of child-rearing has risen over the years. Today, the average price of a 900g tin of infant milk powder has more than doubled over the last decade to $56.06. (Source)

This is why NTUC and its group of Social Enterprise are constantly evolving their range of products and services to fulfill the different needs of people in Singapore of whom, many are parents.

In an effort to ensure affordable infant milk powder in the market, NTUC  Social Enterprises are making more brands available to foster stronger price competition and provide more choices for parents.

To give parents a wider range of infant formula options that won’t burn a hole in their pockets, we round up quality alternatives available at NTUC FairPrice.

#1 Australia’s Own

Australia’s Own Formula Milk

Australia’s Own was introduced in June 2017. Manufactured by Freedom Foods, the milk used is sourced from premium dairy regions of Australia to ensure the highest quality standards.  The formula is rich in protein and calcium, and costs between $27.50 and $35 for a 900g tin.

#2 FairPrice Gold

FairPrice Gold Formula

Sourced from Australia and available in three variants for children of different ages, the formula is fortified with Omega 3, Omega 6, Lutein, Prebiotic and Nucleotides. A 900g tin of Stage 2 FairPrice Gold Follow On Formula costs $29.

#3 Aptamil Infant Formula

Aptamil Gold

Specially imported from New Zealand, Aptamil was brought to Singapore early in 2017. It is developed by Nutricia, Europe’s number one baby milk company*.

5 Things You Didnt Know About Aptamil FormulaFree NTUC FairPrice Aptamil milk powder with your Good Start Bundle

A can of 900g Aptamil Gold+ Stage 2 costs $54.60 at NTUC FairPrice.

Receive a FREE 900g tin of Aptamil Infant Formula in NTUC Good Start Bundle!

NTUC Good Start Bundle What to expect

Bearing in mind the rising child-rearing costs in Singapore, NTUC and its group of Social Enterprises have come up the NTUC Good Start Bundle, offering perks to help young families cope with this challenging new phase of life.

In the bundle, each family receives:

  • FairPrice Fairmily Kit, containing up to $100 worth of FairPrice groceries the whole family can enjoy, including a tin of Aptamil infant formula for babies six months old and above
  • 1 year complimentary one-year health insurance from NTUC Income
  • Parents book, “Early Experiences Matter: Parent-Child Activity Book” conceptualised by NTUC First Campus
  • Toddlers’ Thursday, complimentary playtime entry to eXplorerkid (Note: Please note that eXplorerkid outlets have ceased operations from 1 July 2018.) (worth $30)* and Complimentary entry to The Little Skool-House Early Literacy Centre^ (worth $180)

*Limited to 6 entries a year.
^Limited to 6 entries a year. Each entry is limited to 2 hours and subjected to availability.

For more information or to register for NTUC Good Start Bundle, visit here.

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