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As a parent, you’d want the best for the baby. And what’s more important than ensuring they take in the proper nutrients?

Here are 5 important things to note when buying infant formula.

Australian Made Premium Infant Milk Formula FairPrice Gold

1. Quality Assurance

Make sure the formula you choose is manufactured in accordance to high standards. One way is to look out for products manufactured in countries with high food standards.

FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula is manufactured according to standards set by Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).

You can be sure of the quality as this formula is manufactured in a Pharmaceutical Grade facility which is specifically designed for Infant Formula production, and has been HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified.

2. Ingredients

FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula contains Omega 3 (DHA) and Omega 6 (AA) Fatty Acids to promote brain development, Gos-Prebiotic to support digestive health, nucleotides to support baby’s immune system, lutein to boost eye health, and other vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients for your baby’s optimal growth. It’s Halal Certified, and also free of added sucrose, maltodextrin sugars and corn syrups.

3. Milk Origins

Besides the ingredients in formula milk, do you know where your formula actually comes from? Is the formula from 100% cows’ milk and are under what kind of conditions do the cows produce this milk?

FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula Australian Made

Made from 100% Australia Cow’s milk, FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula comes from milk of dairy farms in Gippsland Region of Australia; the largest co-operative dairy in the southern hemisphere and the major dairy region in Australia. The grass-fed cows are free to graze on the pristine pastures of Gippsland producing consistent high-quality milk.

4. Packaging

While some parents feel that a 1.8kg tin of milk is more economical, a smaller tin will ensure freshness is always kept. If you are going on holiday, you may consider buying milk powder that comes in sachets to avoid any worries of spillage and mess.

FairPrice Gold Infant Formula Milk sachets

5. Price Point

While many parents may have the notion that something more expensive is always best, you can always make the choice to find out more about the milk you are buying so that you can make an informed choice.

A tin of Fairprice Gold Formula Stage 3 formula for 1 to 3 years of age costs $27, while a 900g tin of Stage 4 formula specially formulated for children from 3 years and above costs $26.

It’s affordable, even with the quality assurance and high standards of manufacture.

FairPrice Gold Formula Stage 3 formula

But don’t just take our word for it. Ms Sophia, a mother of twins, was first introduced to FairPrice Gold from a relative who is a paediatrician, whose sons are also consuming the same milk brand.

She started her twin boys on FairPrice Gold Formula two months ago, shortly after they were discharged from neonatal intensive care.

“We’re assured that our twins are getting comparable quality, even against the more popular formula milk brands out there, and at almost half the price. However, we also note that very few parents we spoke to are aware of the goodness of FairPrice Gold Formula,” shared Sophia.

“It seems that the more expensive brands of milk formula are usually more popular. What a pity that many parents are not giving Fairprice Gold a try due to a lack of awareness. For us, we could not recommend it more!” – Testimonial from FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Powder customer Ms Sophia

Fairprice Gold Infant Milk Formula is now available at Fairprice Supermarkets and Fairprice Finest and Fairprice Xtra stores. You can also purchase it online at FairPrice On.

By Geraldine Ang

This post is brought to you by FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula

Fairprice Gold Infant Milk Formula banner strip

FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula is the winner of the Mums and Bubs category for The New Age Parents Choice Awards! For the full results, visit The Inaugural The New Age Parents Choice Awards 2019 Winners and the The New Age Parents Choice Awards Voting Winners.

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