On 6 Oct 2009, we had our very first fan in New Age Parents Facebook Page. Today (6 Oct 2011), we have a whole community of wonderful mothers here. On this occasion, we would like to ask you to share “What does motherhood means to you?

motherhoodHere are what our parents say:

Nilzalyn Nurhan: Motherhood is God’s Gift and its Lifetime Commitment Career. Priceless & Precious! :) happy 2yrs to u!

Marcus Brendan: motherhood is tough. 24 hrs x 7 with no rest. you taste the bitter and hope for the sweet later.

Poovani Ezekiel: Motherhood-a journey full of love, laughter, wisdom, care, concern, and moments which lasts forever and cannot be forgotten.

Jasmin Ho: Motherhood is a lifetime commitment. You go through all the possible tough times & get to enjoy the happiness in small doses.

Bibiana Pang: Motherhood is a blessed experience which comes with lots of sacrifices.

Karuna Premchandani-Mirpuri: Motherhood is a journey with the steepest learning curve. Motherhood means so much to me that I started writing a journal about my newborn son and his newborn mother.

Gayathri Janardanan: Motherhood is a an experience of unconditional love and sacrifices, that makes ones life worth living :)

Honey Cadiz Javier: Motherhood a complete evolution on a womens life. It changes everything you used to be. A 24/7 career & commitment of Love. A mothers’ LOVE could never be replace & repaid. Love That is Genuine, True, & Forever.

Erin Ng: No “pain “( labour pains ) no gain ( watching our kid grow healthily n happily )

Emily Ng: Bliss!!..;))

Stacy Chong: A 24-7 ‘job’ with no leave but a most fulfilling and satisfying ‘career’ ever had. The most wonderful experience that no resume can ever record.

May Mei: Motherhood means a lifetime commitment of tender, love, care, anger, forgive and forget…

Alice Tan: Motherhood requires commitment, sacrifices, patience etc… But it’s a fun & fulfilling job! I’m enjoying my Motherhood!!! (((:

Ciheal Heng: Motherhood is all about testing your patience and pushing it to the limit! Lol

Reese Ong: ‎6 Oct 2009 is my beloved girl’s birthday! Happy 2 years and more to come!

Sharon Lavender: Motherhood is not just being a great mum, its also being a great wife because the foundation of parenthood is built on the strength of marriage.

Wendy Tan: it’s yet another chapter of my life. but a really wonderful one. i know it before it even begun and i still feel the same way. it’s amazing how it’s tough as it’s the start of a responsibilty and learning journey for a lifetime yet so blissful, fufilling and enriching. i feel so blessed! :)

Frida Jonatan: motherhood, make me do things that I can’t even imagine i will be able to do it before, either have the strength or will power, patience too. its 24/7 job without salary or sick leave. happy anniversary ;)

Sharon Lavender: Forgot to say , one of the greatest character training journey!

Vicky Leong: Motherhood teaches me to be a better person…more patient, more loving, more forgiving, more caring and etc…I thank God for the 2 wonderful gifts that he has bless me with. They complete my life :)

Angel Lim: Motherhood makes my life meaningful and complete. It is a journey that brings surprises, smiles & wonderful memories each & everyday . It is a magical experience that empowers one the extra energy / strength to serve this lifetime commitment.

Madelene Cassandra Tan: You are not a real woman until you become a mother & go through raising up your children.

The New Age Parents: Thank you mummies for sharing. Love every single one of them :)

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