Attending to a newborn baby makes parents both happy and devastated. The joy of seeing a new life is definitely compensated by baby care that entails time and effort. Sleepless nights and restless moments due to taking care of the baby are not actually necessary if you follow these tips below.

save time on baby care


This might be considered the most crucial task because you need to adjust before your baby actually develops a feeding routine. Feeding doesn’t have to eat so much of your time if you:

1. Set a breastfeeding station.

This may refer to an area where you can find the bottles, the pumps, the napkins and all other things you need for feeding. If you are set on a feeding station, you don’t have to run around the house look for whatever you need every time the baby needs to be fed.

2. Pump milk from one breast while allowing the baby to breastfeed on the other. This can keep you awake and monitor baby feeding while letting you save time by multi-tasking.

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3. Set a small refrigerator or a bottle warmer in the feeding station, inside the baby’s room or in your room if the baby co-sleeps with you. Again, this will stop you from running to and from during feeding time.

4. When your baby is starting on solids, you can try to prepare in batches. For instance, you can steam veggies and fruits all in one seating and place the rest in the refrigerator for future consumption.


Taxing and critical. Changing diapers require a lot of effort, especially for first-time parents.

5. Prepare a changing station or an area where diapers, baby wipes, cottons and other necessities can be stored. The station need not be an entire area of the house. It can also be in a big box or basket that can be kept under the table or bed.

6. Pack a diaper station inside the car when traveling. Add on rash creams, wipes and bandages as an emergency kit.

7. Let baby wear gowns during bedtime. It’s easier to remove and change diapers with gowns than with sleepers.


This can be a rewarding experience for both the mother and the baby. You don’t have to leave your child alone long enough if you can follow these suggestions:

8. Shower together. Getting into the tub together can provide enough time for yourself and at the same time allow you to monitor your baby even if you are taking the shower.

9.  Prepare your bathing necessities beforehand. This will not only save time but will also prevent the child from getting exposed to the cold for quite a long period.


Of course, parenting is not just all about the baby. It is also all about the house. Keeping it clean and orderly can be taxing unless you.

10. Do a quick clean-up every day. Organize little things at once to prevent bigger mess when they pile up. The laundry should also be sorted upon use. Use laundry organizers where you can place socks, blankets, gowns and other used clothes separately.

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