The Logic Coders is a coding school for kids aged 6-16 with a focus on logic. Our curriculum covers the 3 fundamental concepts of coding logic (loops, sequencing, and if/else), while incorporating math concepts to reinforce content taught in school. Certificates are provided on completion*. Classes are taught in small groups of 2-6 using Robotics (EV3) and Python.

The Logic Coders Holiday Program

1. Junior Coders (ages 6-7): Complete 2 topics (fractions and decimals) in 5 days x 3 hours a day

✅ Early exposure to coding and math concepts for our younger students

2. Core Coding Logic Program (ages 8-16): Complete the Robotics Foundation in 2 days, 9am – 6pm (inclusive of lunch)

✅ For kids 8 and above looking to a fun yet comprehensive introduction to coding

3. Python Masterclass (ages 11-16): Complete the first module Fundamentals of Python in 12 weeks x 1.5 hours per week

✅ Ideal for students who have just completed PSLE are looking for a challenging coding course to get started with Python

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All our holiday programs are part of a larger series of courses which are offered on a weekly basis during term-time. There is an option to continue the course on a weekly schedule after the holiday program.

Please call/whatsapp us at 9695 3777 for any enquiries.

To find out more, visit

the logic coders coding holiday program

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