Playing is an important part of a child’s day. Playing with toys not only promotes mathematical or language skills but also life skills such as sharing and turn taking. Here, we review four products that are suitable for children of various age groups.

Alphabet Suitcase


  • Suitable for 3 years old onwards

This sturdy suitcase comes with activities to scaffold a child’s learning about alphabet and phonemic awareness, letter sounds, handwriting and alphabetical order. It comes with 52 die-cut alphabet and picture cards, labeled on the reverse side with the initial letter of each item, and also 15 write and clean activity cards for tracing. The colorful illustration makes it appealing to young children and is easy to keep and convenient to bring around.

Minute Math Electronic Flash Card


  • Suitable for 6 years old onwards
  • A gadget for both individual and shared fun

The electronic flash card encourages your child to do quick mental sum while developing mathematical fluency. It comes with a 60-second timed mode, an untimed mode and 3 different levels of difficulty. To make it more interesting, you can challenge with your child to solve the most number of sums in one minute.

Pizza Fraction Fun


  • Suitable for 5 years old onwards
  • A game for 2-6 players

There are so many different ways to play this game, making it suitable for children from 5 onwards. It comes with instructions for 7 different games to not only understand the concept of fraction but also practice addition, subtraction, estimation and problem solving. Game includes 13 double-sided pizzas, with one side shows numerical fractions, and three double-sided spinners providing different levels of learning. With these concrete materials, it helps children to understand the difference between 1/6 and 1/9 and other concepts in a fun and interesting way.

3D Pentomino Puzzle


  • Suitable for 7 years old onwards
  • A game for both individual and shared fun

A challenging activity for young and old. Comes with a guide with more than 50 geometric puzzles to keep you and your child entertained. Go beyond the 50 geometric puzzles by coming up with your own guide book by capturing photographs of you and your child’s puzzles and compile them together. Younger siblings can get involved by using this puzzle as blocks to create animals and vehicles.