Looking for a childcare centre or kindergarten with a religious background or religious study in their curriculum? What makes them different from your normal school? We round up a few childcare centres of different religions to consider.


Basic religious values

Religious childcare centres or kindergartens integrate basic religious values impartation into the academic curriculum. For example, My Little Gems Preschool (pictured above), a Buddhist inspired preschool, children attend character class where child learn Buddhist values such as self-reliance, motivation, gratitude, unconditional love and compassion through role play, Buddhist stories and songs. Mr Ben Lim, Director of My Little Gems Preschool explains that children also engage in daily mindfulness and meditation sessions, so that they can be more attentive, less reactive, have more empathy and self-control.

Buddhist Childcare Centre/Kindergarten

For Christian kindergartens, it is common for children to learn about the fruit of the Holy Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. At Ascension Kindergarten Bible stories are weaved into the respective foundations to bring the programme across at an age-appropriate level. “We focus very much on values teaching. Teachers, being mostly Christians, share the same ethos and we practice monthly staff devotions to remind ourselves why are we in this profession.” says Mrs Dianne Seet-Swee, Principal of Ascension Kindergarten.

Christian Childcare Centre/Kindergarten

Catholic Childcare Centre/Kindergarten

For a full list of the Catholic childcare centres and kindergartens, go the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS) website.

Early exposure to religious practices

Religious kindergartens showcase how the religion is practised. For example, Muslim Kindergartens practise the everyday recitation of du’a in children’s daily routines such as the meal times, toileting and nap times.

List Of Muslim Childcares And Programs In Singapore

Muslim Childcare Centre/Kindergarten

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Hindu Kindergarten

  • Saraswathy Kindergarten (www.skg.sg)
  • Saraswathy Darma Muneeswaran Kindergarten (www.sdmkg.sg)
  • Sarada Kindergarten (www.sarada.edu.sg)

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