All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Subscribers to play based learning techniques surely believe in this! The method involves both child-initiated and teacher-supported learning. As the primary means through which children explore the world, play enhances children’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and creative growth and development.

In play based learning, children can explore, experiment, discover, and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways. Play based materials and activities that children will find engaging and fun are incorporated into the curriculum. While the child may appear to just be playing, he or she is actually picking up essential skill sets to function in the world.

My First Skool

My First Skool Preschool

At My First Skool, the team believes in raising happy children who exude a positive ‘I Can Do It!’ attitude –by developing these positive traits that will inspire their growth and development journey:

Joy in Learning Matters: When children enjoy learning, they develop a natural love for learning and become better learners. This extends to everything they are taught.

Trying Again & Again Matters: When children develop an ‘I Can Do It!’ attitude, they are able to overcome challenges and finish what they set out to do.

Love for Language Matters: The most effective way for children to learn a new language is for them to develop a love for it! My First Skool inculcates this love by creating an immersive learning environment, using fun and interactive activities through their innovative Skool-aCe© curriculum.

Through fun and engaging – delivered through their high quality and holistic curriculum – children develop a genuine love for learning and a resilient ‘I Can Do It!’ attitude that will guide them through life.

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Shaw Pre-school

If your ideas on early childhood education align with the fundamental values and concepts of a play based curriculum, Shaw Pre-school is a school that you should check out. The established play based pre-school’s unique curriculum is filled with experiential learning and play so that your child can learn and explore in a fun, enriching, and engaging environment. Through fun and engaging activities such as songs, stories and cultural learning experiences, your child will learn to read and write.

Outdoor play and athleticism are also encouraged at Shaw Pre-school. Children enjoy sports and outdoor play daily through sports like soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey, cricket, volleyball, golf and athletics.

The school even has a sensory play programme where your children will be exposed to activities that will stimulate their senses to help them develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, linguistically, creatively and physically. By heightening your children’s five senses, they are better able to explore the world around them. Without a doubt, there is never a dull moment at Shaw Pre-school!

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