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Pilates was originally designed to treat the injured and bedridden soldiers of World War I. Although it was developed for rehabilitation purposes, Pilates has become extremely popular with dancers, gymnasts and celebrities seeking the long and lean-muscled look. Today the Pilates method is widely practised for both its rehabilitation as well as its fitness benefits.

Pilates is effective in rehabilitation therapy because of its strong focus on good posture, efficient movement and strengthening of proper musculature. With better body awareness through Pilates, one’s posture, motor control and precision in movement can be improved. This results in better, more productive and efficient muscle functions during the workout, which can then be applied in daily life. Pilates rehabilitation also helps to improve one’s overall flexibility and mobility through its controlled, low-impact movements.

Regular practice of Pilates will ensure improved balance, coordination and circulation as well as increased core strength and stability. Pilates emphasizes controlled movements and correct breathing which helps to ease pain, stiffness and rigid joints. Pilates is especially useful for persons suffering from neck and back pains.

Pilates exercises on apparatus, such as the Reformer, assist the body in regaining functional movement capability after surgery and/or injury. Many health professionals recommend Pilates to aid in quick recovery and to promote lasting benefits. Pilates focuses on the core stabilization of the body and realigns the body to prevent muscular imbalances. All Pilates exercises are scientifically-based, gentle and restorative, and can be modified to meet the needs of each individual. Last but not least, Pilates was designed as a mind-body regime that reduces stress and anxiety through consistent practice.

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