Few parents seem to realize that more learning takes place outside the classroom than inside it. Ineffective parents think that school is the only place that learning takes place while places outside school are just for entertainment and relaxing. Effective parents are the ones who can provide their children with enriching experiences everywhere.

outdoor learning for kids

Take a look around your neighbourhood. You will find many outdoor learning ideas or places that may be of interest to your child. When I pose this question, most parents think that the only places that interest their children are toys’ shops, arcades and entertainment resorts. This is not true at all. Learning can take place everywhere. It can be a nearby park, a swimming pool, a library, a museum or even at a coffee shop. These places can bring great inspirations to your children in their academic subjects as well.

For example, I heard a mother who taught her son some basic laws of Physics in the swimming pool. She explained why it is actually very hard for humans to sink due to the upthrust provided by the water. She illustrated using examples of heavy warships and said that if heavy warships have no problem floating, why can humans who are so much lighter unable to float? After hearing all these, her son began to appreciate Science better and even amazed his class teacher by answering a related question in class!

I also heard of a father who loved gardening. He will demonstrate how to properly plant and nurture a seed by doing gardening together with his daughter. He knows that children are particularly interested in things that grow, and it turns out to be true. After showing his daughter a few examples, he finds his daughter diligently watering the plants every day and checking them out every day to monitor how much they have grown. She even started planting many types of plants and after some time, their balcony became a mini-plantation that can provide them fruits to eat!

If you have a lot of ‘junk’ in your house, it might be a good idea to encourage your children to make something out of them. Children like to invent things using old plastic containers, newspapers, toilet paper rolls and anything else that they can get their hands on! Who knows? Your child might become the next Thomas Edison!

Article contributed by Study GrandMaster.

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