It is no secret that Singapore’s education system is a force to be reckoned with. To prepare for the rigours of school, children, some as little as toddlers, are commonly enrolled in academically-driven enrichment and tuition centres.

Little Rangers Rollerblade

But pull back for a moment, and you’ll quickly realise that inundating a child with sit-down classes every week may not be the only (nor the best) way to raise a happy, effective learner. Rather, developing a child holistically can go a long way towards helping him or her achieve success in school and in life.

This is where the Little Rangers Club comes in plug the gap. The unique set-up offers a wide range of programmes – from agility gym for tiny tots to outdoor sports classes for tweens—to equip children with physical, emotional and social skills.

The benefits of movement cannot be understated. On top of improving health and fitness (and keeping myopia at bay when done outdoors), physical play has been shown to boost memory, problem solving skills, team spirit and confidence. All these traits are markers of outstanding leaders in school, and later on, at the workplace too.

That being said, with busy schedules and depleted energy at the end of each day, many parents might find it challenging to insert physical activities as a frequent feature of family bonding. With help from the Little Rangers Club however, you can let your child play and learn in a safe and nurturing environment with other children in the midst—it’s a win for all.

Choosing the right programme

The Little Rangers Club offers activities that are tailored for participants from aged one to 13. They are conducted both within the club situated at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club and in locations all over Singapore.

▶️ An exploration space for the littlest

The Little Rangers Club boasts an indoor playground with a wholesome difference. The Reggio-inspired toddler exploration space for one- to six-year-olds encourages them to initiate their own play and foster independence.

Little Rangers Club Free Play

The curated area features a different theme each month to keep the experience fresh and exciting for the kids. For instance, the African Safari Adventure theme teaches children about safari animals and their habitat and related patterns, textures and sounds.

Mummies will be happy to know that there’s a clean and comfy nursing station adjacent to the club, and drop-in play sessions are flexible and commitment-free.

The club is also where weekly Active Tots Gym Classes are held. They help young movers improve agility, balance and flexibility while enjoying games, story-telling, music and movement and sensory art.

▶️ Skill learning programmes

The Little Rangers Club is one of the very few places in Singapore where children from three to 13 can engage in a wide variety of leisure sports with their peers.

Little Rangers Outdoor Cycling

These sports classes for kids are not designed to develop professional athletes; rather, the intention is to expose students to various activities and discover their individual talents and interests. Plus, getting in some outdoor time is a great way to boost mental wellness in youths who are put through our high-stress education system.

The classes are as wide-ranging as they are exciting. In Make-a-Splash, participants can try snorkelling, stand up paddling and kayaking, activities that are not typically accessible to families on a regular basis. Outdoor Survival teaches life-sustaining skills such as map reading, knot tying and first aid. Fun on Wheels teaches kids how to ride a bike, roller blade and longboard.

Other programmes include team-focused ball sports and the strength-building Flex Fitness class.

▶️ Holiday camps

Little Rangers Outdoor Survival

When school is out, fun is in, especially when you sign your child up for the highly popular Ranger Holiday Camps. Depending on your camp of choice, kids enjoy three to four consecutive days of almost full-day play. From defensive boxing and cycling on Pulau Ubin to horseback riding, laser tag and more, participants enjoy the best of the Little Rangers Club programmes in a short amount of time.

Bonus: the team makes it uber easy for kids all over Singapore to join with various convenient pick-up and drop-off points each day.

▶️ Parties and events

Little Rangers Indoor Birthday Party

Want to share the benefits of physical play with friends and family? You can consider holding your child’s next birthday party with the Little Rangers Club. A party package at the club’s play space includes a fitness session and sensory activity led by staff—great for tiny tots and preschoolers. Bigger bubs will enjoy outdoor activities like laser tag, laser clay shooting and more.

How to join a class

Check out the programme schedule and drop the team an enquiry via the website. Most programmes run on a minimum of four weekly sessions though you can sign up for single sessions and private classes too.

Alternatively, sign up for a lifelong membership and enjoy discounted rates for programmes and events among other perks.

This post is brought to you by the Little Rangers Club.

By Ng Mei Yan.

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