Question: My 2-month-old girl has an irregular feeding amount and time. How do I put her into a fixed schedule in terms of time and amount?

feeding your baby

Answer: This is a very common and normal scenario. You may not always be successful in fixing a schedule for her. You can however try the following options:

  1. Some babies tend to fall asleep when nursing. Try to keep her awake when she feeds to ensure she gets a full feed.
  2. Some parents try keeping their babies awake for a short while after the feed, then putting her to sleep with the hope the baby will wake up in time for the next feed.
  3. Most babies feed every 3 hourly by the time they are 2 months old. So if she cries before her feeding time is due, try excluding other reasons for her crying, such as a wet diaper, or physical discomfort such as tight clothings. Soothe your baby and try to delay the feed till the scheduled time.

The most important thing is to ensure your baby is happy with good weight gain with whichever feeding schedule you have for her.

Dr Goh Siok Ying

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