Don’t you wish your stroller is light and comes with 4 auto swivel wheels that allow you to push and navigate corners easily? Combi recently launched a new stroller – Mechacal Handy Auto4cas (or called Handy 4X) – a stroller designed to provide the best for mummies, daddies and babies.

light weight stroller Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4cas

Here are 10 reasons why the Handy 4X is your must-have stroller.

1. 360° automatic swivel wheels – The lightest stroller in the market

Handy 4X comes with four 360° automatic swivel wheels that allow you to turn or push in any direction. Not only that, you can easily switch to front-wheel steering by reversing the handle. Easy and convenient!

The Handy 4X weighs only a mere 4.9kg which is the lightest weight in the market according to Combi’s internal survey.

2. 55cm seat height for better view

With 55 cm seat height will allow your little one to have better exposure to the outside world as well as keep away from ground-based allergens.

3. Unique hand strap for easy carrying

Attached to the seat frame under the seat cushion, this hand strap will let you carry the Handy 4X easily, particularly going upstairs or downstairs.

4. Designed with ultra shock absorbent system & soft suspension

The ultra shock absorbent Eggshock pad & the wide wheels installed in Handy 4X absorbs the vibration and shock when the stroller is manoeuvring on different terrains, making it a comfortable and smooth ride for your baby.

5. Dacco Seat & Seat Cushion are machine-washable

Apart from providing support for the head, back and hip to your baby, the Dacco seat can also be removed to clean and wash in the washing machine together with the seat cushion.

6. Equipped with highly ventilated mesh seat

Thanks to the new Air-through seat installed on the stroller! As the name suggests, this Air-through seat increases the ventilation and comfort level for your little baby. Now, the baby will be less likely to cry due to the discomfort they felt, especially after being left in the stroller for a long time

7. Large Canopy to cut off 99% of UV ray

The large canopy provides great coverage and shelter from the harsh sunlight, cutting off 99% of UV rays. It also comes with a mesh window that enhances ventilation, keeping the stroller cool and comfortable.

Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4cas

8. Easy Folding even when you are carrying a baby (right)

It is frustrating when trying to fold a stroller in one hand while carrying a baby in the other. Now, with the one-touch folding and opening technology, you can manage your stroller effortlessly even when you are holding your baby in one arm.

9. Large basket to keep baby’s essentials

A day out with your baby will mean that you need to bring a truckload full of the baby’s essentials such as diapers, clean clothes, wet wipes, milk and snacks. Looking for a stroller basket that is sturdy and big enough to carry the weight of all these items? Handy 4X comes with a large basket that can hold up to 5 kg equivalent of the baby’s essentials. This will be a huge load off your shoulders!

10. One-touch 5-point harness

We know how fragile a baby is, thus a safety harness keeps the baby safe and sound in the stroller. Combi’s 5-point harness properly secured babies in their seats, lowering the risk of them falling out of the stroller. The harness is also equipped with a one-touch buckle for easy release of the safety harness.

Combi’s products are designed with the best in mind. Watch the video to see this highly versatile stroller in action.

If you keen to buy, do place your orders quick as stocks are selling fast!

To place your order, contact Combi authorised retailer at 6291 1183 or go to for more information.

Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4cas

Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4cas is retailing at $699 at all major departmental stores, Lazada, baby chains and stores. Suitable for babies from 1 month to 36 month-old. Comes in red and black.

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