mother reading to her child“My 9 months old baby is able to crawl but can’t sit up on her own without support. Should I be concerned?”

“My 3 year boy is able to hop and run. However, I noticed he is not able to skip and hop on one leg. Is this normal?”

“My 5 year old girl is able to recognize words, but she always mixes up the alphabets ‘b’ as ‘d’, and ‘p’ as ‘q’. What can I do to help her?”

Do these questions sound familiar? As a new parent, these are a few questions we may ask ourselves from time to time as our child grows. But where can we go for fast, accurate and credible answers? KidzGrow Online is a website that offers solutions to the above questions.

Founded by a group of child development professionals and specialists passionate about supporting parents and helping children to develop and perform to their best, Kidz Grow Online tracks your child’s development for the first six years of his or her life and aims to educate parents to empower their children to reach their maximum learning potential in a nurturing and supportive manner.

All the content in KidzGrow Online is developed by a team of Child Psychologists, Pediatric Physiotherapists, Occupation Therapists and Speech Therapists, and endorsed by the Child Development Unit of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. KidzGrow Online also won an “Innovator Award” under The Enterprise Challenge and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (previously known as Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports).

Easy Navigation And User Friendly

Not much of a computer or IT person? No worries. User friendly, easily accessible, good visual illustrations, accurate development milestones and resourceful were some words used to describe by parents when they were asked to rate the website.

Anna Wong, a mother of 19 month old triplets found the articles featured useful and informative, especially the suggestions provided for a specific developmental milestone. “It shows the different development milestones quite clearly. Now, I can tell from a glance, which developmental stage my sons are currently at, and how far they are in their development.” She also liked how the website was quite user-friendly and was able to navigate quite smoothly after a few tries.

Prettina, a mother of 20 month old girl, has tried some of the suggested activities and games on the website and was pleasantly surprised to notice how much her daughter enjoyed the games. “The activities suggested were really helpful. I am now more aware of what age-appropriate games or activities are suitable for Perlina (my girl).” Click here to read more parents’ feedback.

KidzGrow Online Development Tracker Social Dev at 4 months old [Click the picture for a larger image]

Personalized Online Child Development Program

With KidzGrow Online, you now have a 24/7 child development tracker and resource platform at your fingertips! Parents can sign up for their child’s subscription for S$97. A discounted price of S$48 applies for the second child onwards.

For more information, log on to their website,

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