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Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre takes the stress out of learning Chinese for students, and their parents! Our programmes seamlessly prepare children to excel in every aspect of their Chinese studies at school. We start young, introducing infants and toddlers to the natural rhythm and cadence of Mandarin through songs, nursery rhymes, puppetry and stories, progressing to complex oral, reading and writing tasks for upper primary students. Our tried and tested curriculum, innovative teaching approach, positive and energetic learning environment, and inspirational educators, empower students’ Chinese communication skills above and beyond the MOE requirements.

Inspirational language role models

Our dedicated teaching team is comprised of experienced educators, each one selected for their superior Standard Mandarin speaking skills, their creative and artistic talents, their lively warm personalities and their deep love of children. Adept at delivering programmes through EduDrama®, a unique approach to learning that combines drama and literacy activities with academic outcomes, our educators skilfully draw out the best in every child.

Stories are a favourite method for physicalising language. Unique to Chengzhu is our child-centric library, equipped with over 2000 carefully selected titles in Mandarin. Chengzhu’s educators bring language alive through interactive storytelling. We also encourage children to select books to share with family at home.

At Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, children build effective Chinese communication skills to carry them successfully through school and life. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.


Building a strong language foundation as early as possible is key to helping your child master Mandarin. Our programmes for infants and toddlers facilitate learning in the most natural and nurturing ways. Very young children absorb language through joyful experiences, shared with a parent or caregiver. But if you feel your child is ready to ‘go it alone’, there is the option of PlayClub Independent – a dynamic Early Learning Programme that encourages more autonomous exploration.

  • PlayNest (6 months – 18 months)
  • PlayClub for Toddlers and Preschoolers (18 months – 3 years)
  • PlayClub Independent (18 months – 3 years)


Chengzhu Mandarin Centre offers two programmes that prepare children for confident entry to primary school, principally focusing on speaking, listening, reading and writing competency. Our renowned Chinese Cultural Arts programme deepens language comprehension by introducing children to a variety of traditional Chinese art forms, such as calligraphy, bamboo dance and making dumplings. Hands-on experiential learning helps children remember vocabulary and phrases easily whilst placing language in context.

  • Chinese Cultural Arts (N1 – K2)
  • Language Learners (N1 – K2)


As children progress through primary school the demands of the Chinese syllabus can be very challenging for many. Demonstrating competent Chinese literacy skills is important. Equally important however, students must assimilate techniques and strategies effortlessly to demonstrate truly proficient communication skills. We believe that enjoying the process is key. These School Years Programmes carry students smoothly through every aspect of language development, as they build up to their Chinese Leaving Examinations. But we also look beyond exams! Our aim is to ensure that students mature into fluent, imaginative and expressive speakers, readers and writers, and possess the most effective language abilities to support them through every aspect of life.

  • Language Skills (P1 – P4)
  • Creative Writing (P1 – P4)
  • Mandarin Expressions (P5 – P6)

General programme outcomes at a glance:

  • Students build confident listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Students surpass the standards required at every level of the MOE primary school Chinese syllabus
  • Students develop correct pronunciation
  • Students learn specific strategies and techniques to enhance reading comprehension, creative writing and easily memorise Hanyu Pinyin
  • Students enjoy a range of traditional Chinese cultural arts, adding depth to their language skills through cultural relevance
  • Students enjoy the process of learning, establishing an enduring enthusiasm to master Mandarin
  • Students develop holistically, developing critical 21st Century skills in the process of learning language


Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, Rochester Mall
📍 35 Rochester Drive #03-01 Rochester Mall, Singapore 138639
☎️ +65 6737 5348

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, Greenwich V
📍 1 Seletar Rd #02-03/04 Greenwich V, Singapore 807011
☎️ +65 6816 0418

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, The Woodleigh Mall
📍 11 Bidadari Park Drive #02-45 The Woodleigh Mall, Singapore 367803
☎️ +65 6993 8851

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, Keppel Bay
📍 2 Keppel Bay Vista, #02-02A Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore 098382
☎️ +65 6468 8566


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