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If you’re looking for a children’s enrichment class that’s engaging, fun and unique, it’s time to put memory exercises, number games, and even song-and-dance segments.

Safe to say − your little one will never be bored during class!

Whole Brain Enrichment Heguru Education Centre Review2 teachers exuberating high energy and delivering non-stop fun during the Infant & Toddler class

The teaching philosophy behind Heguru Education’s action-packed classes is what sets it apart as well. The centre focuses on stimulating and developing your child’s right brain, especially during his or her early years.

What Right Brain Training Is All About

It’s commonly assumed that the left brain is associated with logic and reasoning (and therefore academic abilities), whilst the right brain is responsible for one’s creative functions.

However, right brain training posits that the right brain is equally responsible for enhancing a child’s overall learning abilities.

“The whole brain has to function together,” explains Mr Kuah Eng Liang, Founder of Heguru Education. “From birth to three years old, the right side of the brain develops faster, so that’s the golden period for unlocking its potential.”

Giving your little one a head start in right brain training helps unlock abilities such as visualisation, photographic memory, high-speed processing ability and numerical and literacy skills − all of which are essential for raising a fast and well-rounded learner.

How Heguru Education Stands Out

Whole Brain Enrichment Heguru Education Primary SchoolFounder Mrs Ruiko Henmi (seated at the back) auditing the Primary class to ensure quality of the teaching standard

Not only is Heguru Education one of the few enrichment schools that offer cognitive enrichment for kids as young as 6 months old, it’s also the first Heguru right brain training centre to operate in Singapore.

Back in 2011, founder Mr Kuah’s wife was pregnant with their first child, and he begins to hunt for early-years right brain training programmes in Singapore.

He realised that such programmes were scarce here, and reached out to Heguru founders in Japan to bring the curriculum to our shores. Of course, the curriculum was also adapted for a local context, with activities tweaked according to what students would learn in Singapore schools.

Heguru Education Founder, Eng Liang, with Heguru FoundersEng Liang (far left) with Heguru Founders, Mrs Ruiko (middle) and Mr Hirotada Henmi.

Unlike other whole-brain enrichment centres, Heguru Education also prides itself on its small class size. The centre has at least 2 teachers per class, with a maximum of 6 parent-child pairs in the Infant & Toddler Course.

Additionally, teachers from Heguru Education all undergo rigorous teachers’ training courses and certification tests in Heguru Japan to ensure that they are well-equipped in conducting Heguru classes.

“All our teachers are locals and most are university graduates,” adds Mr Kuah. “We have graduates in courses like psychology and early childhood, and our senior principal has more than 15 years of experience teaching brain development and early literacy.”

Heguru’s Infant & Toddler Class: Our verdict

After hearing so much about Heguru Education’s classes, we just had to sit in and experience one for ourselves! We attended an Infant & Toddler class for 2 year-olds, which consisted of 2 teachers and 4 pairs of parents and toddlers.

Our thoughts? There was never a dull moment.

Classes are well-paced, entertaining and extremely educational. Students were all smiles, and appeared very focused on the activities at hand. Parents seemed to be enjoying themselves as well, using the class as an opportunity to bond with their mini-mes!

Activities covered included flashcard trivia sessions covering a wide range of subjects such as history, biology, geography and even zoology.

For example, there were flashcards depicting types of birds and famous landmarks around the world. With so much information being presented, we definitely learned a thing or two as well!

Brain Development Programs For Babies And Children Heguru Education CentreBabies as young as 6 months can start attending classes

Other fun activities included memory exercises, identifying colours, solving simple puzzles, number games and pictorial presentations.

What also impressed us was the focus on sensory development. The teachers used various visual and audio effects, such as lighting and songs, to create a fully immersive experience for students. There were quite a few tactile-centered activities too, like puzzles involving wooden blocks and a short colouring session.

Teachers were extremely adept at the curriculum and knew how to communicate well with the young students. They were also experts at time management and were able to maintain the pace and energy throughout the whole class.

All-in-all, our verdict is that Heguru Education’s classes definitely inject fun into learning − a stark change from the rote-learning you find in many classrooms.

Courses are also available for students up to 12 years of age. For students in the Preschool (5 – 6 years old) and Primary Course (7 – 12 years old), left brain development is also introduced to sharpen cognitive and analytical skills.

“We have kids who joined at 6 months old, and are now in the Primary Course,” recalls Mr Kuah.

“The fact that their parents have continued with the programme is a testament to its effectiveness. Many parents have also feedbacked that when their kids entered primary school, they could do their spelling and dictation easily, and were able to grasp concepts faster than their peers.”

Heguru Education was also featured in two Channel News Asia programmes – “How to Raise a Super Baby” in 2018, and “Bright Start, Bright Sparks” in 2017.

Heguru Education has five centres located at SingPost Centre Paya Lebar, Waterway Point mall, Our Tampines Hub, Oasis Terraces Punggol and Serangoon NEX mall.

For more info or to register for classes at Heguru Education, visit hegurueducation.com.sg.

This post is brought to you by Heguru Education

By Rebecca Wong.

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