Time-starved parents can now have it all – combat the time-crunch, grow your career, and achieve the #superparent status using PayPal’s hacks! Featuring its latest feature, One Touch™, that allows users to stay logged in and do checkouts with the touch of a finger.

PayPal gives mums and dads the world at their fingertips so they can focus on quality time with the little one. Here are tips on how you can do more in less time!

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Just For Mums

  • Diapers

For mums with babies, you’re going to need a lot of these! Stock up on diapers from international sites such as diapers.com – with PayPal, shopping cross-border is simple and comes with peace of mind, knowing you are getting what’s best for your child and that your payment is secure.

You can also go local with RedMart.com, that stocks more than 20 diaper brands and other assorted baby products. While you’re at it, you can even stock up on groceries – all delivered to your doorstep at your convenience.

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  • Music

To help put everyone in a good mood, why not subscribe to Spotify Premium? Plug it anytime, anywhere to entertain your little one, or play their favourite lullabies and wave bye-bye to those tears. Bedtime just got easier for everyone!

  • Fun time

If you ever needed toys to turn that cry into a smile, check out the toys at one of our favourite local merchants Oh Happy Fry! That will definitely up the happy vibes during play time. We also know that clothes shopping with a little one in tow can sometimes be a stressful experience – so you can also check out comfortable, trendy and fuss-free clothes for you and your babe all from the comfort of your home, any time you want.

Just For Dads

  • Flowers For My Lady

10 Kinds Of Flowers You Can Give Your Wife On Her Birthday - Roses

Had a bit of a tussle with the missus, or just want a fuss-free way to bring back the romance? Folks from A Better Florist offer same-day deliveries that will help deliver smiles for that perk-me-up that your wife will need. Those fresh blooms are guaranteed to light up the room and take away those dampened spirits.

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  • Work Out

Gear up with Under Armour for a day of fun out in the sun with the kids. With its wide range of sports gear for your whole family, Under Armour provides comfort while the whole family for any adventure in any climate.

  • Family Outings Just Got Easier

Planning an exciting for the weekend for the family just got easier. Book a fun trip via your PayPal account with Duck Tours for an adventure on both land and sea, while exploring Singapore’s historical sights, gorgeous bay view, and iconic skyline in a remodelled Vietnamese war craft!

Activate One Touch™

Paypal Hacks for mums and dads - One Touch

Parents, we hear you – there is never enough time in a day and every second saved is appreciated. PayPal saves you time and effort by turning sixteen digits into just One Touch™, promising fewer clicks and faster checkouts. PayPal One Touch™, is an optional PayPal feature that allows you to complete purchases faster. When you’re shopping on your mobile phone or from a desktop, tablet or laptop, you can choose to stay logged in to PayPal for easier, faster checkout with all eligible merchants. Once you’ve opted in, you will skip PayPal login on future purchases in the eligible merchants, if you use the same device and browser.

PayPal also goes one step further to protect its consumers with Buyer Protection, to safeguard online shoppers against any eligible unauthorized purchases made from their accounts.

This article is contributed by PayPal.

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