Chiropractic care for babies and kids is becoming increasingly popular.

But is it really safe for a baby to get an adjustment? Are there any real benefits to it? Aren’t babies and kids so resilient that chiropractic care for them is pointless?

Children can get a lot out of chiropractic care, and the improvement in their health results can have a ripple effect that both kids and parents can appreciate.

From Pregnancy Through Childhood

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Chiropractic care provides benefits through every stage of a child’s life, from the time when they are in their mother’s womb through childhood. Regular adjustments while pregnant can keep the mother feeling better and ensure alignment that helps facilitate an easier birth.

Both mother and child benefit from such a situation. Following birth, regular adjustments can help babies maintain proper alignment as they navigate the stresses of growing up.

Adjustments for Newborns

The process of being born could cause physical stress to your body. While a newborn may not have the ability to mention back or neck pain, he or she may be experiencing some level of discomfort that an adjustment could relieve.

Even if there is not a lot of discomforts, it is reasonable to assume that the child’s spine went through some contortions during the transition to the outside world. As with adults, spinal misalignment could lead to a range of health problems.

Chiropractic adjustments for newborns are an extremely gentle way to ensure that a child’s spine is positioned for optimal health. With a careful examination and a little specific pressure in the right places, a properly trained chiropractor can make sure your newborn enjoys the benefits of proper spinal alignment.

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Adjustments for Babies

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Even though a baby spends most of the time lying down, there is still pressure being placed on his or her body from gravity – the same pressure that can leave you with a crick in your neck or other types of discomfort from simply taking a nap.

And as the baby starts to learn to crawl, walk and move around, the number of impacts increases. Adults often suffer from misalignment after an impact. Babies can suffer the same.

Unfortunately, they cannot communicate exactly what they are feeling. Many parents are surprised after taking their baby to a chiropractor that common complaints like irritability, crying, etc., reduce or disappear.

Adjustments for Kids

Once you grasp the concept of newborns and babies suffering from spinal misalignment, it is much easier to see how kids could do the same. Kids are energetic and resilient that you can assume that they are close to invincible, but they can struggle with misalignment too. Regular adjustments for kids can identify and address misalignment so you know your child has a healthy back day in and day out.

Chiropractic Care And KidsAbove photo courtesy of Asia Chiropractic and Wellness Singapore

Chiropractic Care and Kids

One of the fundamental ideas behind chiropractic treatment is that spinal misalignments, known as vertebral subluxations, can impact nerve function in the spine.

As nerve function is compromised, it can create a cascading effect in the body that results in various health issues that may seem completely unrelated to back or neck pain.

Consequently, chiropractic patients are pleasantly surprised when these health complaints disappear after receiving their chiropractic adjustments.

By keeping your child’s spine healthy, you ensure proper nerve function throughout their childhood.

This article was contributed by Dr Melisa Hon, Asia Chiropractic and Wellness Singapore.

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