The iconic Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival will feature the return of its mass Lantern Walk amidst the dazzling street light-up and displays and aims to bring the community together in celebration.

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Fesitval 2023

The highly anticipated annual Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival is back, taking place in the heart of Chinatown from 15 September to 14 October 2023. This year, the festival will feature its iconic street light-up alongside a string of exciting activities, including the return of its Lantern Walk on 23 September, which last took place in 2019. The festival aims to bring people from all walks of life together in celebration and better understand Chinese culture.

With the unveiling of the Official Light-up and Opening Ceremony (亮灯仪式与开幕典礼) on 15 September, the bustling Chinatown precinct will be accompanied by a spectacular street display of lighted sculptures and colourful street lanterns expressing the harmonious theme. Organised by the Chinatown Festival Committee, the light-up sprawls across New Bridge Road, Eu Tong Sen Street, South Bridge Road, and Upper Cross Street. Guests-of-Honour President Tharman Shanmugaratnam and First Lady Mrs Jane Ittogi Shanmugaratnam will grace the event and officially inaugurate the street light-up.

Themed “A Journey of Love and Celebration (温馨同聚庆中秋)“, this year’s celebration invites visitors on a journey that unites hearts, transcends time, and weaves stories of love and joy. Designed by Raffles College of Higher Education for the first time, the festival will come to life through the designs of three distinct chapters adorning the streets of Chinatown, where lanterns and sculptures encapsulate the unique facet of the Mid-Autumn Festival journey. The design will follow the iconic Chang’E and her jade rabbits embarking on a journey to share the culture and traditions passed down through generations, eventually blossoming into the vibrant celebrations of today.

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

The three chapters, each with its own unique theme, takes place between New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Sen Street. The journey starts with the third chapter – “Passing of Wishes and Tales”, which pays homage to the beginnings of Chang’E’s story, expressing timeless wishes, tales, and profound sentiments carried through time. Transitioning to the second chapter – “Gathering and Preparing the Celebration” reflects the festival’s core and resonance with Singapore’s multicultural tapestry. At the first stretch – “Celebrating Love and Having Fun Together”, visitors can anticipate a heartwarming scene where families and rabbits share lantern blessings while celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. Finally, the journey culminates with the centrepiece light-up – a towering eight-metre diorama at Eu Tong Sen Street as the main feature. Nestled within an expansive, whimsical lantern, the centrepiece is surrounded by an atmosphere of warmth, amidst a tapestry of Mid-Autumn Festival elements, also symbolising the journey of love and celebration, binding communities, families, and generations together. The sequence of the chapters can also be interpreted as a bi-directional narrative, in which the family celebrates and prepares their wishes to be sent to Chang’E through the rabbits. Residents will be able to cultivate a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture and festivities, fostering a connection between various communities.

The festival serves as a tribute to the enduring narratives of the Mid-Autumn Festival that have been cherished and passed down through countless generations. Cultivating a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture and festivities, fostering a connection between various communities. The celebration also stands as a testament to Singapore’s unwavering dedication to preserving its rich heritage, cultural traditions, and values that bind its diverse communities – allowing the nation to thrive and maintain a harmonious society.

“We are excited to celebrate the annual Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival once again, right here in culturally vibrant Chinatown, uniting with our fellow Singaporeans, and people from all walks of life. This year’s street light-up commemorates ‘A Journey of Love and Celebration’, symbolising our strength through recent trials, as we emerge with renewed resilience,” said Minister for Communications and Information, Second Minister for Home Affairs and Adviser to Jalan Besar GRC Grassroot Organisations (GROs) (Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng), Mrs Josephine Teo.

“The annual Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival highlights our rich heritage and Singapore’s multi-cultural identity. We welcome locals and visitors to Chinatown, where they can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere, experience our vibrant line up of programmes including the street light-up, and discover the unique cultural traditions and culinary offerings of the Mid-Autumn Festival,” said Ms Lim Shoo Ling, Director, Arts & Cultural Precincts, Singapore Tourism Board.

Throughout the festival, there will be a captivating assortment of activities for visitors to engage all senses, including the return of the Chinatown Lantern Walk. Upon registration, participants of the Lantern Walk can immerse in the Mid-Autumn spirit as they stroll the streets illuminated by the dazzling light-up displays, from Chinatown Point to Kreta Ayer Square, where the weekend stage performances are held. Participants will be entitled to a goodie bag which contains a cellophane lantern and delectable traditional Mid-Autumn snacks.

Chinatown Point Mid Autumn Festival

Taking place across the precinct, the festival’s Food Fair will be held at Smith Street, while the open space in front of People’s Park Complex will come to life with the Festive Fair. Visitors can also look forward to family-friendly activities, including free weekend stage performances at Kreta Ayer Square across four dates, and the ever-popular all-ages Lantern Painting Competition.

As part of Chinatown Festival Committee’s sustainability initiatives, selected street lanterns displayed along the streets of Chinatown will be given a new lease of life with the ‘Adopt a Lantern’ campaign, at the end of the festival. Marking its ninth year, the initiative presents members of the public the opportunity to repurpose the street lanterns. 

mid autumn festival chinatown street lightup

For more information about Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2023, please visit: here.

The Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration is one of the two large scale celebrations organised at Chinatown each year. The Celebration not only brings the Chinese residents together, but it also promotes the Chinese culture to residents of other races and allow Singaporeans and International visitors alike to soak in the festive cheers.

Below are some of the highlights:

1. Lantern Painting Competition

📅 10 Sep 2023
⏰ 9am – 2pm
📍 Chinatown Point

Open to all ages from 6 years-old onwards, the Lantern Painting Competition lets budding young artists exercise their creative chops and decorate their very own Mid-Autumn Festival lantern. Attractive prizes and trophies stand to be won.  

The winning lanterns will be displayed at the Kreta Ayer Square.  

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Painting Competition

2. Official Light-Up and Opening Ceremony 开幕典礼与亮灯仪式

📅 15 Sep 2023
⏰ 7pm
📍 Kreta Ayer Square

3. Street Light-Up 牛车水庆中秋亮灯

📅 15 Sep to 14 Oct 2023
⏰ 7pm – 12am
📍 New Bridge Road / Eu Tong Sen / South Bridge Road / Upper Cross Street

The streets of Chinatown come to life every night during the Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 with a stunning display of colourful street lanterns and lantern sculptures. 

An annual highlight for the precinct, the street light-up draws crowds both local and international, to revel in the festivities in Chinatown. This year’s centrepiece consists of multiple elements working together to create an atmosphere of celebration.  An eight-metre-tall sculpture at Eu Tong Sen Street, the centrepiece features a family of five, gathered inside a whimsical red lantern as a stage for their celebration. 

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 Street Light Up

4. Food Fair

📅 15 to 29 Sep 2023
⏰ 2m p- 10pm
📍 Smith Street (Former Chinatown Food Street)

Chinatown Mid Autumn Festival Food Fair

5. Stage Performance

📅 16 to 17 Sep 2023
⏰ 7pm – 9pm
📍 Kreta Ayer Square

6. Lantern Walk

📅 23 Sep 2023
⏰ 7.30pm – 9pm
📍 From Chinatown Point to Kreta Ayer Square 

Making its return since 2019, the Chinatown Lantern Walk allows participants to immerse in the Mid-Autumn spirit as they stroll the streets illuminated by the dazzling light-up displays. From Chinatown Point to Kreta Ayer Square, where the nightly stage performances are held, participants will also be entitled to a goodie bag which contains a cellophane lantern and delectable traditional Mid-Autumn snacks.   

Priced at $5, registration is required by 22 September 2023.

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