Was your child born via C-section?

Have they ever taken antibiotics?

Do they eat processed food regularly?

Do they lead a mostly indoor lifestyle?

Akesi-care for baby's gut health

It is likely that these modern lifestyle choices impact the way your child’s gut microbiota is established, and how well it develops.

Common ailments like asthma, eczema and hay-fever, and length of recovery from the common cold could be linked to what’s going on in their gut.

Your baby’s gut health has a big part to play in their immune system and overall metabolism, with the first three years of a baby’s life a critical period in their microbial colonisation.

At Akesi, we believe in educating parents about the growing importance of gut health in babies and children.

Here’s what you can do to improve your child’s gut microbes.

  • Increase time outside – gardening, composting and exposure to dirt
  • Consider an increased exposure to animals – particularly a dog or being on a farm
  • Consume predominantly fresh produce and limit highly refined food
  • Maximise fibre intake and encourage adequate hydration
  • Limit the use of “anti-bacterial” soaps, washes and cleaning agents – you’re destroying the beneficial bacteria too, warm soapy water will suffice
  • Discuss with your doctor pros and cons for antibiotic prescribing
  • Consume probiotics with a diverse number of strains – either as a supplement or as fermented foods such as kefir, sauerkraut or kimchi. Store bought yoghurt and ‘probiotic’ milk drinks provide insufficient probiotic strains and high amounts of sugar.

You could try an easy approach with Akesi Bio-Fermented Berry Spritzer – a delicious probiotic spritzer that the whole family can drink instead of juice or sodas.

It is both yummy and healthy providing berry antioxidants, papaya plant enzymes plus billions of beneficial bacteria to help restore and maintain your family’s gut health.

Improve child's gut health with probiotics

Antibiotics vs Probiotics

What about that course of antibiotics your child had for the recurring ear infection?

Whilst antibiotics have a rightful place in the doctor’s toolkit – in some instances, they are the only treatment option available – a five-day course of antibiotics can suppress as much as a third of your child’s gut bacteria.

Taking a quality probiotic with a diverse number of strains for a minimum of two weeks following an antibiotic course will help re-establish beneficial strains in their gut.

Probiotic powders are an easy way to introduce beneficial bacteria to babies and children – they’re certainly easier than convincing little ones that ‘smelly cabbage’ really is good for them!

Look for one that contains no added nasties.

Akesi Probiotic+ Powders have an impressive 10 bacterial strains at a strength of 10 billion CFU, even better, Akesi Baby can be taken from birth.

These products will support your child’s immune system and help with digestion and bowel movements.

how to improve child's gut health probiotics

Children especially love the delicious taste of the purple Akesi Child Probiotic+ Elderberry Boost that dissolves rapidly on their tongue making compliance an ease – a scoop in their mouth once a day and their gut microbes will thank you!

Probiotics for baby and children Akesi

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