A healthy relationship is one that is based on love, care, trust and positivity. It pays to start cultivating a healthy relationship in your child’s early years because it promotes a peaceful ambiance at home. Children are also more incline to spend time at home and cultivate healthier behaviours and habits.

building healthy relationships with children

Here are some indispensable tips on how you can cultivate a healthy relationship with your young ones:

1. Empathize & be in their shoes
Show your care by staying focused on your present feelings. Ask questions and try to see things according to your child’s perspective.

2. Recognize good behavior
How many times did you pick on your child’s misbehaviors, as compared to the good behaviors? Pay attention to what your child is best and good at. Positive behaviors should always be praised and appreciated. Observe such behaviours and reward children to maintain and further encourage future positive behaviours.

3. Encourage children to act best
Teach them how to do things right by encouraging them through instilling positive which the behavior could bring in to the home. As much as possible, avoid too much praise because the tendency is for children to act according to what others might say and not because of appropriateness of the action.

4. Listen more, talk less
Children like and want to be heard. The more you talk, the more you give the impression that your child is inferior and that they don’t have the right to express their feelings. They would become submissive and quiet leaving you guessing of what’s going around their minds and hearts.

5. Be open
You can encourage your child to talk whenever you initiate a conversation. Try to spark up a talk by sharing your day’s events and eventually your child will do the same. Sharing stories will be a good start to let your children share their lives with you without hesitations and distrust.

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