Is bruising common in babies and children? We asked Dr Lim Kai Hung, General Practitioner from SMG Medical to find out more.

  • My 6 month old went for his vaccination and his thigh is bruised. What could be the cause of the bruise?

Assuming the bruise happened at the site of the vaccination and occurred soon after vaccination, it could very well be caused by the process of injecting the vaccine into the thigh muscles. Any injection into tissue or muscles can potentially cause bruising, which can be treated with simple cold compression and should resolve relatively quickly.

If your child do get bruises very easily and suffers from big bruises after every injection or small trauma, it would be best to get him evaluated with a doctor to rule out potential blood disorders.

  • Is bruising during vaccination common in adults as well?

It is an uncommon side effect of vaccination and it can also happen with adult vaccination.

  • My child gets bruises easily when he falls. Is this common?

bruising in babies and children

Bruises occur very commonly in young children as when they are learning to walk / run, it is inevitable they will fall. Also as spatial awareness is developing, a young child tends to bump into corners or objects more often than an adult. As long as bruises appear on areas with prior history of impact and resolve within 2 – 4 weeks, it is normal.

  • Is it possible for bruising to occur even when there is no impact? I’ve read that one of the signs of Leukemia is bruising. How is this bruise different from the ones we get when we fall?

Bruising occurs when there is bleeding from small vessels beneath the skin and any impact can potentially cause injury to the affected area which leads to bruising. If there is spontaneous bruising without any proceeding injury, it is definitely a cause for concern. Your child should see a doctor for a blood test.

  • How long does it take for a bruise to heal?

Usually 2 weeks, can be up to 4 weeks for complete resolution.

  • Does ‘old remedies’ such as rubbing an egg or rubbing on the bruised area help it heal quicker? Or should I let it heal on its own?

Rubbing a bruise be it with an egg or hand massage actually stimulates blood flow to the area, which may help to heal it quicker. Otherwise, bruises tend to resolve on its own within 2 – 4 weeks.

These questions were answered by Dr Lim Kai Hung, Family Physician of Lifescan Medical (formerly known as SMG Medical), a subsidiary of Singapore Medical Group (SMG)

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