Auspicious names for snake babiesAre you feeling excited that you are going to be a parent soon in 2013? Then, I believe that you must be also planning and thinking very hard about what Chinese names you want your newborn to have. In this article, I would like to share with you some interesting insights into this millennia-old auspicious Chinese Name Selection system particularly on how by choosing the right names in accordance to one’s date of birth, it can create a positive impact on the various aspects of our life like studies, career, wealth, health and relationship with parents, peers and etc.

What is actually encrypted in our Chinese Names?

Typically, our Chinese names are made up 3 segments or Chinese characters comprising the surname, the 1st name and 2nd name. See picture below. There are people, although lesser, who have 4 Chinese characters with the first two being the surname like Si Ma, Ou Yang and etc. There are of course those that only have a single name besides the surname.

To go a bit deeper, our surname governs our childhood and adolescence. It has an effect on our study luck, upbringing, supports from parents and ability to enjoy good recognition in society. Therefore, babies who are born with 12-animal sign that complements with their surname will see themselves enjoying better parental and grandparental love and supports. They are also likely to perform better in their studies.

Generally, according to the principles of the Chinese Name Selection system, it would be preferable for snake babies to be born into families carrying surname like:

马,冯,许,郑,王,陈,张,黄,刘,吴, 谭,翁,彭,方,吕 and etc.

It does not favour surnames such as:
徐,孔,李,孙,郭,洪,江,沈,温,潘,岳,游,卢,汪 and etc.

However, if it is found that the snake babies are born with surname that does not , we will need to make sure that the 2nd and 3rd Chinese names are carefully calculated to harmonise the impact.

The second Chinese character or middle name represents one’s relationship with spouse, romance and rapport with peers. For a lady, it is not advisable to have a single name (单名) for instance a name like 江平. This implies that the middle name is absent and for a lady, she will experience relationship issues like sense of emptiness and communication gap with her husband. Last but not least, the last name has a direct impact on a person’s career, wealth and children luck.

The approach to selecting good names for your baby is a rigorous and holistic one because not only there is a need to ensure the names complement the baby’s destiny chart , individual Chinese character within the name must also contain the right strokes, right sound, right shape that ultimately create the right result for the child. It is quite common nowadays that many children and adults are seeking help from name experts to enhance or improve their study, romance, career luck and even one’s behaviour.

What Chinese names are suitable for baby born in the year of Snake?
Let us first try to understand some of the intrinsic characteristics of snake so that from there we select Chinese characters that are favourable for people born in snake year. In our study, snake is considered as a small animal among the 12 Chinese Animal Signs and is also known as small dragon. It is carnivorous, usually hibernate or rest inside caves or holes. When it is awake, it moves around in grassland or paddy field as it finds comfort in doing so. In terms of the 5 elements, snake belongs to the fire element and hence, it is in conflict with water element. In addition, snake is afraid of people and it hates to be exposed under the sun.

The following Chinese characters or radicals are some examples that are considered auspicious for people born in snake year:

  1.  容,台,可,名,如,合,君,呈,周,品,嘉,安 ,宇,富,国 (good to see shapes like「口」,as this implies snake is resting and recharging in the cave)
  2. 彬,彩,祖,祥,祺, 福,巾,希,市,珍,礼,裕, 彥, 常, 裳 (good to see「糸」、「衣」「示」、「采」radicals as this implies snake will rise to become dragon)
  3. 木 ,本,未,杰,杏, 杉,材,東,松,桐,楓,森,楚,楊,柏 (good to see「木」because snakes like to climb and coil around the tree which implies increase in status)
  4. 羽,西,金,兌,姚, 鳳,飛 ,牛,生,隆,妞,鹏,翔,鸿,鹃 (good to see「酉」、「丑」radicals,because it means having a lot of helpful people)
  5. 思,由,申,男,甸, 界,留,華,番,畫, 當,福,迪,惠 (good to see「田」,because snakes like to move around in field and this implies snake is well positioned and protected)

On the contrary, below Chinese characters are considered inauspicious for people born in snake year:

  1. 豪, 豫, 家, 毅, 朱,亥,孩, 核,刻 (no good to have「猪」or「亥」radicals because in the study of Chinese metaphysics, pig and snake are in conflict)
  2. 晶, 旭,升,明, 昌,易,晉,皓,晨,耀,光(no good to have「日」or「光」radicals because snake does not like to be exposed to sunlight)
  3. 永,泰,洋,洲,浩,清,季,孟,孝,承 (no good to have「水」or「子」radicals because snake belongs to fire element and it is in conflict with water element)
  4. 俊,倫,倩,健,仁,今,介,伍,伯 (no good to have「人」radicals because snake does not like to bump into human beings)
  5. 豐,禾,秀,秋,黎,秉,科,秦,麥,米(no good to have「禾」,「米」or「豆」radicals because snake only likes meat and not wheat for instance)

The above information serves to give you some insights and new perspectives on the Chinese Name Selection system. I would encourage you to seek professional advice if you are contemplating of picking auspicious names for your child to have a smooth-sailing path in future.

With this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this article and wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2013!

Master Jo Ching - Auspicious Chinese Names for Year of the HorseBy Master Jo Ching
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