Be mesmerised by the lights, sounds and greenery around you at Artists’ Night Out 2017. This year’s edition will feature art pieces set amidst the natural beauty of Dhoby Ghaut Green. Brought to you by the National Parks Board, the event aims to shine a light on the beautiful and dynamic park spaces around us.

NParks artists night out

Date: 25 to 26 August 2017
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Venue: Dhoby Ghaut Green
Admission: Free

Programme Highlights

Light Display – “Enchanted Forest”

Presented by Unearthed Productions, immerse yourself in a feast for the senses, where a harmony of light, sound and art await you. For two nights, the majestic rain trees of Dhoby Ghaut Green will be lighted up in an array of colours, accompanied by the cathartic sound of the natural landscape. This gives the space a different perspective, turning a city park into an enchanted forest.

Art installations

1. Funky Fungi by Aileen Toh and NParks

Funky Fungi, as the name suggest, is a funky interpretation of the magical world of mushrooms. No two are alike in the enchanted forest. Sprouting out from the beautiful open lawn, the installation aimed to integrate man-made sculptures into the natural landscape in an organic manner. Both NParks and Aileen hopes this installation encourages the public to appreciate the green spaces around them.

The installation was done with the help of our dedicated NParks volunteers: Chua Juay Yee, Claire Ong, Goh Gek Cher Alice, Heng Jiew Siang Cecilia, Ng Wei Kiang, Ong Yee Mei, Seah Yi Xuan, Shane Doherty, Tan Sok Kiang, Tan Sok Oon, Wong Kum Sang and Wong Lee Yoon Judy.

2. Whimsical Daydreams by Teo Huey Ling

Whimsical Daydreams was an outcome of indulgence in playfulness and whimsical imagination away from the mundane of everyday life. Perch on local wood salvage from pruned and felled trees, it reminiscence nature’s attributes in our urban city, of warmness from the wood and the artist’s adaptation of organic forms in cool white of porcelain clay. The work invites and urged its viewer to take part in the voyage of creating new stories so as to expand their personal urban daydreams.

3. Bellyhive by Madhvi Subrahmaniam

The Bellyhives, made in a mold of the artist’s pregnant belly, correlates entomological and anatomical forms to reference commonalities between beehives and the human body. Attached to the trees, they attempt to capture the attention of the viewer to pause and consider the dual nature of existence that of interconnection and individuality, dependence and self-reliance. Aptly situated in the middle of the city the sculpture also draws parallel between the beehive as a structured colony and the human built city.

4. Glowing Crittens by PlaystreetsSG

Following on last year’s success, PlaystreetsSG returns with another interactive installation to stimulate your artistic juices, exercise your drawing skills or show-off your talents! Gather your family and friends, pick up a cup and draw your favourite fauna of the forest. When you’re done, attach it to the canopy to help us create a stunning masterpiece. The best creations will be featured on our online gallery at

5. Voice – A Tapestry by Iman Sami & Indra Syafiq

An immersive walkthrough of up to 3m in height, dressed in an illumination of thoughts and emotions, coloured with lit threads as withdrawn from the human mind. Encapsulated in vials of various sizes, these entrapped texts reflect and encourage human expression – articulation through interaction. A floating pensive.

6. (ants) by Ang Chee Yong & Joyce Loo

Ants are social habitually and live together in organised colonies. They are tiny yet strong, able to lift objects 50 times their weight.

In this installation, the ants can be seen working in tandem, carrying their food (which often exceeded their weight) to their nest, symbolising teamwork.

Artists Night Out

Artists Night Out 2017

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