Back in April, we ran a special VietJet Giveaway Contest for our readers, where they stand a chance to fly to Ho Chi Minh City via VietJet for FREE!

Isbell Teo Peiy was our lucky winner. She brought her family to Ho Chih Minh City during the June Holiday with and shared with us her experience there.

Checking in and Boarding

The Check-in was fast and very convenient. The interior of the plane is clean and comfortable and the flight attendants were helpful and friendly. I love their uniform – the bright red is so cheerful and warm. A little over an hour, we arrived at Saigon. With the friendly airport staff to assist us, we managed to get a transport from the airport in no time.

VietJet Family-Friendly Resorts recommendations: New World Saigon Hotel, a 5-star hotel that’s a great option for families travelling to this bustling city. Rooms and suites can accommodate two children under 18 and there is a great pool for the kids to cool off after a day of exploring the city. Looking to escape the chaos of the city? Check out Saigon Domaine, a complex of luxury residences located on the exotic Thanh Da Island, just a 15 minute boat ride away from downtown.

Must Try! Local Food In Vietnam

After our check-in at the hotel, our first immediate thing to was – grab a bowl of Pho. The hotel front desk lady directed us to a nearby shop who served the most delicious pho, which we went back again!

bowl of pho

Our bowl of delicious Pho

After our satisfying lunch, we went around exploring the nearby areas and tour packages. I couldn’t resist a Vietnam Rice Roll (Goi Cuon), dipped in a sweet sauce with chilli from a roadside stall, yums! While exploring the streets, we came to another stall selling Vietnamese Baguette (Banh Mi). We bought one to share and it was so delicious, we brought another three more! After trying this dish, we were on a regular lookout for more Banh Mi. Another must try is their orange juice from the roadside stalls. The oranges are actually green and hand-squeezed. It was our perfect thirst quencher –  sweet and refreshing!

Off To The Mekong Delta

My kids enjoyed the Mekong Delta trip on the second day. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, fresh air away from bustling city and had a refreshing honey drink with pollen and lemon, all on a boat! We first sat on a ferry and then went on to another hand-rowed small boat.

Besides feeding ourselves, we also fed some crocodiles! The kids held a pole with a piece of meat hanging at the end. They held on to the pole as the crocodiles came snapping at the food. They were awed by the action and strength of their jaws. As for me and my hubby, we decided to be adventures and shared a fried coconut worm.”

We found a small area at Mekong Delta where they make, wrap and sell coconut candy, extra virgin coconut oil and accessories made from coconut shells. The coconut candy is another must try if you are there!”

Exploring Cu chi Tunnels

We’ve read about these tunnels and we were really excited to experience them in real life. It was interesting to walk through the interconnecting underground tunnels. We went into one of the tunnels which they used for hiding which was very small, dark and really deep. At the end of the tour, we were given some tapioca dipped in crushed peanuts – the staple food of the Vietnamese during the war. My youngest girl found it really yummy.

VietJet recommendations: Book your tour via your hotel or a reputable tour company such as Les Rives that gives you the opportunity to explore The Cu Chi Tunnels by boat and bicycle. A trip to Ho Chi Minh City wouldn’t be complete without a motorbike tour. More suitable for kids above 12 (though there is an option for younger children to safely sit between the rider and an adult), a motorbike tour with a reputable company such as XO Tours will definitely have your kids raving about it on your flight back home!

We hailed a cab (by Vinasun) after the War Remnants Museum, to head to the Post Office and the Red Church. After which we walked to Saigon Square, visited the statue of the late president Mr. Ho Chi Minh outside the People’s Council and Committee. We also went to Ben Thanh Day and Night market on our last day. We bought lotus seeds, Vietnamese coffee with a dripping instrument, clothes, toys for my youngest child and fish sauce that we fell in love during this trip!

It was hard to say goodbye to this lovely city.

Thank you Ho Chih Minh City for the memories! And thank you VietJet and The New Age Parents for flying us there!

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