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The New Age Parents™ online parenting magazine Jun / Jul 2013 issue is out now. Must Read: Father’s Day Special – Juggling Fatherhood and Husbandhood and more.

Jun Jul 13 CoverBelow are the highlights of this issue:

  • Flying With Your Tots – Travel Tips For Parents
  • First Time Daddies – Guide To Your Wife’s Pregnancy
  • A Diet For Diabetic Pregnant Mums
  • Is It Safe To Visit Dentist During Pregnancy
  • Do’s And Don’ts Of Dealing With Sibling Rivalry
  • Play Ideas For Parents
  • Why Reading Matters
  • The Art Of Flashing Cards
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Financial Planning For Parents
  • 4 Steps to Better Sexual Communication
  • and many more.

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