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Teaching young children is not an easy task. It might sound so light and bubbly because children are funny but you might have to realize in the end that the best things come from the innocent minds. Ironically, children’s ideas are simple but profound.

Life’s lessons are best learned through a child. I am a mother of two and I am faced with the challenge of letting my young boy do his homework and study for the periodic examinations. At times when I felt so disappointed by his performance, his teachers would come comforting me by telling me that he is just so young to be in his grade level, and that He would soon grow up and become mature enough to welcome ideas and do the requisites of his education on his own.


One time, I was sharing my fears and experiences about teaching my little boy to my co-teacher. I fear that he might not be able to write and learn according to his age. She also opened up to share her motherhood stories about her son. Her son, who happened to be my son’s classmate, came in the faculty room, took off his bag and sat beside her mother. We paused for a while and I signaled the mother to ask Justin about how my son was doing.

The mother said, “Justin, are you and Nash are friends?”

Justin replied, “Yes. We were laughing in class this morning.”

The mother asked, “So how is Nash in your room? Does he study?”

Justin looked at me and sighed, “Oh, Nash does not write. He refuses to do his tasks. He does not listen. He keeps on doing other things.”

From his look, I begin to envy my co-teacher for having such a responsible child, able to differentiate a good act from misbehavior.

Then my co-teacher proudly asked, “So, how about your son? How are you doing in class?”

Justin, grasping for an answer for a while, stared at his mother with a very humble look suddenly grinned and replied, “Me? Oh, I don’t actually differ from Nash. We’re friends!”

Hearing that, my co-teacher and I asked no more further questions and decided to head on to our next class in silence.

A child’s innocence never ceases to amaze us. Thought about any special moments between you and your child or about motherhood? Do write in to us and tell us how you feel! Your story will be shared in our parenting websites

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