Pregnancy entails a lot of changes which an expectant mother faces through the course of having a new life inside her womb. The emotional and physical condition of a pregnant woman is varied since it depends on the preparedness of the woman’s body and of her emotional condition.

exercise during pregnancy

A pregnant woman is then advised to look for ways to work out for the preparation of her body physically and emotionally. Exercise has always been proven to benefit the entirety of an individual. Being pregnant does not mean that you are no longer fit for exercise.

Prenatal Pilates is a good fitness exercise program that enhances the strength and capacity of the body and the mind during pregnancy.

Understanding what Prenatal Pilates can do to you and your body will let you have a grasp of your body changes and will encourage you to work for better conditions. Through this, you will have a more positive view of pregnancy making you take it as a blessing despite pains and hassles brought by change.

Here are some of the good things you get from engaging in a Pilates Exercise program:

#1 Feel better and experience lesser chances of discomforts along with your bodily changes. Prenatal pilates increase your body’s flexibility for expansion as it deals with the areas which are greatly affected during pregnancy like the pelvic, the back and even your breathing pattern.

#2 The difficulty in breathing is catered by this exercise as it helps in the proper circulation of the blood and oxygen.

#3 Pilates also activates the transverus abdominus which is responsible for supporting the lumbar spine together with the pelvic area.

#4 Promotes lateral breathing for more enhanced rib cage mobility. During the early part of the third trimester, the diaphragm is limited because the baby is still in high position along the tummy. Rib cage mobility through exercise Pilates program will help ease the pregnant woman while the baby is working towards its desired position for birth.

Prenatal Pilates helps you achieve a heightened physical and emotional condition. Your nine-month pregnancy is entailed with significant changes every day. Help yourself adapt to these changes as you work on a healthier you through exercise. Welcome physical changes with readiness and have a pain-free easy labor ahead.

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