What do you get when you combine a simple device with an advanced reading system where your child can read, record, listen, learn and play? With a simple tap on the page of the book, listen as the story comes alive through the pen!

Pen Pal Whizz is no ordinary Pen. Here’s why.

Pen Pal Whizz - making reading fun

Your Pal, Your Pen

  • It can talk and even sing: Yes! It speaks and narrates stories to you. But that’s not all. The device also allows you to record your voice or your child’s voice.
  • Light to hold: Whether your child is using a tripod or pincer grasp, the pen is ergonomically designed for children as young as 3 years old to hold and manoeuvre independently.
  • Safe and sound: The pen’s volume can be adjusted through a special volume card or through the volume icon located at the beginning of each storybook. There is no external volume button located on the pen to prevent younger kids from turning the volume to the maximum unknowingly.
  • Charge up: No need to concern yourself with battery leakages because the pen runs on electrically charged batteries. The clever auto-off function (after 5 minutes) helps to conserve battery life.
  • Robust and lasting: Highly durable and shock resistant (but not water-resistant), the pen prefers to stay in dry areas.

Pen pal whizz review

Multi-functional: One Pen, Many Uses

Play Your Child’s Favorite Songs

Besides acting as a speaker, Pen Pal Whizz can also be used as a portable thumb drive. With a USB slot, this means you can transfer audio files (MP3 format) to the Pen and play your child’s favourite songs. The MP3 Card provided in the set allows you to navigate through your data of songs.

Record Your Own Stories

Even if the book is not compatible with the device, you can create your own narration of the book with the customized recording stickers provided. All you have to do is to tap on the record icon, speak into the pen and tap pause.

Tap the play icon to hear how you sound and if you are not happy, you can record it again. Stick it somewhere in your own book and there you go! Your child can now hear you ‘read’ to him or her even when you are not around.

Extra tip: Get your child to record his own reading and listen to his own voice. See how they react when they listen to their own voices! In the process, your child is also practicing his reading and oral skills.

Review of Pen Pal Whizz one pen many ways

Endless Ideas Of Fun

You can even use this to play a game of treasure hunt. Simple record the clues down in audio and paste the stickers around the house for your child to solve. The ideas are limitless and up to you to discover and be creative!

Top 10 Reasons why TNAP love Pen Pal Whizz:

1. In line with Singapore Syllabus: The Pen Pal Whizz academic titles such as Phonetics, Han Yu Pin Yin, and Mathematics and Science books are all in accordance to Singapore’s Preschool to Primary School syllabus

2. Prep and practice: A great tool for junior to practice his listening comprehension skills before going to primary school

3. Expressive narrations: All the audio recordings (except for the calculator function) are done by professional voice actors with accurate pronunciation

4. Wide variety of books in Chinese and English: There are about 200 Pen Pal Whizz friendly titles in the market (with more books to be converted and released monthly). From academic titles such as I Love Reading, Jo’s Early Readers to classic children stories and local titles that promote moral values and character education.

5. Great value for money: The entire Pen Pal Whizz set costs $248. It is now retailing at Shopee. Each set includes a Pen Pal Whizz, charger, calculator card, volume control card and 18 books (both Chinese and English) suitable for children age 2 – 7 years old.

6. 4GB inbuilt memory: You don’t have to worry about not having enough memory space, this is enough to download about 100 books.

7. Two-way learning: Each storybook has questions embedded in them making learning more interactive and fun. This also encourages children’s curiosity to explore.

8. Great bonding activity: Because the pen allows you to do your own recordings, you can get your child to narrate a story together.

9. Up to date: Pen Pal is always out on the look to convert quality children stories, activity and educational books. These new titles will be updated on their website monthly, where parents can simply download them online and pop it into the device.

10. Want to use it in public but afraid the narration will disturb the others? Simply plug in earphones and problem solved!

Where to Shop

Want to get more books? Look for the little Pen Pal Whizz icon on the book to identify books that are compatible with Pen Pal Whizz. Books are affordably priced from $4 – $12 at Shopee. To find out where you can buy the books or Pen Pal Whizz, go to Shopee.

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