At Fu Shan Garden which is a rather quiet part of Woodlands, we seemed to have entered into a Dinosaur Park of the prehistoric period in Singapore.

playground at fu shan park woodlands singapore

This unique playground features six dinosaurs including a long-necked brontosaurus and a small crocodile-like dinosaur lying lazily by a pool that has already dried up. Both the orange dinosaurs and the green brontosaurus function as slides for kids to play.

special design playground at fu shan park singapore

Nevertheless, the ancient creatures made of stone are nice pieces of work that certainly add a touch of creativity in this quiet neighbourhood and it is also a good place to show dinosaurs to young children.

unique playgrounds in singapore

This playground was designed by the same company for Kim Keat dinosaur playground. Some of the dinosaurs spotted include brontosaurs, pterodactyl, dimetrodonte and more.

dinosaur playground in woodlands singapore

Although this mini Dinosaur Park is not as old compared to other old playgrounds, it is already been around for more than 15 years. You can find this interestingly designed dinosaur playground at Fu Shan Garden of Woodlands Street 81.

dinosaurs galore at playground in fu shan park woodlands

fu shan garden dinosaurs

dinosaur playground fu shan park

How to Get to Fu Shan Garden Singapore

Address: Blk 827 Woodlands Street 81 Singapore 730827
Bus: 911
Nearest MRT: Woodlands MRT
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

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