Goals keep us in persistence and work the mind so that it can work the body. When results are achieved, the goal-setting exercise would have helped to increase our self-confidence.

I don’t usually set goals and resolutions for the New Year. Often it’s because, out of the ten goals that I might have set, nine would have been broken before the end of January after which an avalanche of emotions starting from guilt to self-pity to finally resignation comes into play.

Still, over the years, I continued to set new goals every time and I realised that we need not set big goals but the trick is to set sustainable ones. There are merits to setting goals. Goals keep us focused and attentive to the end result(s) we want to achieve.

top new year resolutions for parents

#1 Take a personal retreat to think of what you want to achieve

Often, people think that you will need to pack and go to a faraway land to think. Actually, just waking up earlier by half an hour, over a cup of coffee early in the morning does wonders to the mind. Set personal time to nurture your heart and soul as without that the physical body cannot function with a focus.

#2 Goal setting as a mum and woman are distinct (in my opinion)

As a woman, we need to be able to set personal goals that increase our personal being as a whole. As a mum, we naturally deviate towards achieving family-orientated goals. Either way, take baby steps.

I take daily goals as essential and whether it is to cut back on carbohydrates or to meet datelines, I take the effort to note it down. My ‘Note App’ and my alarm are my daily essentials. When the reminders come in, they purposefully remind me to refocus.

This is important as there are often so many distractions that come along in the course of the day that if we don’t emplace ‘post-its’ around us to set as reminders, that’s when we might realise that at the end of the day, we might achieve nothing.

#3 Embrace being organised

The interesting fact is that being organised actually provides freedom. Organising can give you more time, money, and peace of mind. For me, I will take time out to even physically take away clutter and rework out space that I can visually see and find myself using.

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#4 Don’t forget to celebrate!

Setting goals is one thing and committing to goals is another! Therefore, it is so important to celebrate when a goal is achieved as it makes the effort to persevere more meaningful. It need not be a big celebration but it must be something that satisfies.

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If we take the time to look at and take into account what we have and what we can achieve, things will happen. Nothing will change if we don’t make the effort to make that change happen.

Start right by setting goals for ourselves and take the right step forward into the New Year!

By Esther Lim, CEO and Founder of LEAP SchoolHouse.

Born and educated in Singapore, she holds a Master Degree in Education (NTU/NIE), Bachelor Degree in Arts (NTU), Diploma in Marketing – Top student for the year 2000 (Chartered Institute of Marketing). Esther has more than 10 years of teaching experience and has taught widely in both Secondary and Primary schools. She was also involved in curriculum planning and development work for the primary unit at MOE for several years. Esther is also a mother of three children.

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