Like most mothers, Rebecca Chan was overjoyed when she found out she was pregnant in 2004. But it did not dwell on her to keep maintain her weight during pregnancy because the most important thing on her mind then was how to keep her baby healthy.

Rebecca Chan, founder of Origins Jamu

Recounting her experience, “I had terrible morning sickness for the first 4 months and thought to myself, once this morning sickness was through, I will start to replenish all the nutrients for my baby. I had a good appetite then and didn’t monitor my food intake and weight during that time.”

Her weight increased rapidly during her third trimester and this caused stretch marks on her tummy. A warning about her drastic increase in weight from her doctor jolted her. “It was only then that I realised that my weight increased to 18 kg! The thought of wanting to lose the weight sunk in thereafter.” She added.

The Search For A Holistic Method To Lose Weight

The mother of two did extensive research and asked around to find out if there was anything she could do to lose the weight after delivery. “I was looking for a holistic, natural way to get back into shape because breastfeeding was my top priority, and I didn’t want any invasive treatments.”

Through friends’ recommendations, she came to know of postnatal massages done by Malay aunties, specially catered for mothers who just gave birth. She found herself one who aunty was providing postnatal massage treatments and engaged her after her first delivery. “It was quite enjoyable because I was massaged daily and the overall postnatal massage experience was great.”

How Jamu Massage Changed Her Life

After the birth of her second child, she continued with her postnatal massage but this time, she chose a Jamu massage where Jamu herbs and binding were used.

After each session, Rebecca was really excited and pleased with the benefits of the postnatal massage. “My lactation problems of engorgement and blocked ducts were improved. This was a great confident-booster and spurred me to breastfeed my baby for a longer period of time. My remaining blood clots were cleared within a week and my stomach muscles felt tight and toned.” she exclaimed. Her curved spine condition had also improved. She felt more energetic, fresher, relaxed and full of confidence after the massage sessions. She also attributes the success of regaining her pre-pregnancy figure to the massage. This was a huge plus point and a great confidence booster for the mother of two.

Rebecca and her two daughters

Taking A Leap Of Faith

Being an avid fan of massages and spas, and having experienced the benefits of postnatal massage first hand, she decided to pursue her passion to help and educate women the importance of holistic post pregnancy recovery through postnatal massage.

“Being a mother myself, the idea to start a business providing professional postnatal massage was something I strongly felt for. I saw it as a solution for new mums to embrace themselves and transit smoothly to motherhood.”

Being in the Food and Beverage industry for 9 years, it was a great leap to run a business on her own, with little knowledge and experience. “I begin to learn each and every single aspect of running a company from scratch. Learning from mistakes and slowly form the structure and framework of the company.”

The journey has is not always smooth sailing but she is thankful for the support from her faith, family and friends. Started from a home based business concept, Origins Jamu Massage has grown from a small team to a strong team of thirteen passionate and committed individuals. The up side to starting her own business was she was also able to work around her two girls during the early stages of their growth.

A Messy And Crazy Ride, But It’s All Worth It

Asked to share one piece of advice to all mothers, she simply said, “Motherhood is a wonderful, rewarding and sometimes a messy and crazy ride, but it’s all worth it.”

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Rebecca Chan is a Mumpreneur to two girls aged 9 and 6 years old. She is also the Founder & Managing Director of Origins Jamu Massage. Origins Jamu Massage is a leading home spa in Singapore since 2008 that specializes in Postnatal Jamu Massage and confinement products. Origins Jamu Massage was Awarded Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2011/2012, Singapore Brands 2013, Promising SME 2013 and Parents World Best of the Best 2014.

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