Very often in Kindergarten or Primary School, Mathematics is taught in a way dominated by the use of the left brain, where he/she learns numerical concepts such as multiplication and division by heart. A child may be able to memorize and recite the multiplication tables fluently but he/she may not truly understand the significance of multiplication.

At Heguru Education Centre, we introduce numerical concepts to children above 6 months old using various effective visual right-brain activities:

  • Dots Programme
  • Dot Bar
  • Nummer Kaisten

Dots Programme

Heguru Dots CardsTeacher Rhian flashing the Dots Cards while the children look attentively at them

In our unique Dots Programme, the teacher flashes very quickly big cards with dots in sequence and on a more advanced level, answers to complex mathematical equations in dots.

The Dots Programme holds two key benefits:

  1. By flashing the Dots Cards at high speed, we are trying to “turn on” and stimulate your child’s right brain.
  2. We use dots to introduce a visual concept of quantity and sequencing. After a few cycles of looking at the dots, your child will be able to understand quantity (for examples, 5 dots is more than 4, 100 dots is more than 80 and so on) and sequencing (for example, 50 dots come after 49 dots). This is very important in truly understanding numbers. It is more meaningful than flashing cards with just digits (for example, 1, 2, 3) which are merely meaningless symbols to your child.

Dot Bar

We complement the Dots Programme with our unique Dot Bar to help your child build a strong foundation in numerical concepts visually. We use grids and dots like the below to introduce concepts like addition, subtraction and multiplication in an easy-to-understand and effective way.

The ability to do rapid calculations is one of the abilities of high-speed automatic processing function of the right brain. With consistent practice, your child will be able to tap into this inherent ability. He/she will be able to create a mental image of the grid in the mind and manipulate the dots in solving equations very quickly. Mathematics will become an easy subject to grasp!


Heguru Dot Bar

Heguru 3x3 dot barTeacher Iris showing the 3×3 Dot Bar in class

Nummer Kaisten

Nummer Kaisten is Heguru’s in-house number game that we use to help children learn mental arithmetic in a lively and visual way! Small balls can be easily manipulated in the Nummer Kaisten game case for fun play and counting, as well as to visually demonstrate the concepts of addition and subtraction.

Heguru Nummer KaistenTeacher Paige playing the Nummer Kaisten game

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By Kuah Eng Liang, Principal of Heguru Education Centre @ Eunos and certified Heguru Instructor Singapore

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