Are you a parent who dreams of watching your child blossom into a talented musician, captivating audiences with the beauty of classical music? Look no further than Le Spiccato, where music education takes a transformative leap.

Le Spiccato Music

Conveniently located at the heart of Bukit Timah, Le Spiccato stands as a beacon of excellence, redefining the way music and performing arts are taught and experienced.

At Le Spiccato, music education is not just about mastering an instrument; it’s about nurturing a lifelong passion, building unwavering confidence, and supporting students on every step of their musical journey.

Highly qualified and Award Winning music educators

Le Spiccato takes pride in crafting comprehensive music curricula tailored to students of all ages and abilities. With an exceptional team of award-winning music educators hailing from renowned institutions globally and backed by extensive 15-year teaching expertise, Le Spiccato strives to redefine the landscape of music education.

Le Spiccato Music Education

Specially Tailored lessons

Music education should be as unique as the individual learning it. Unlike many other music schools that often employ hard-sell packages, Le Spiccato distinguishes itself by offering tailored lessons designed to cater to the specific needs and desires of each student.

Environment designed by Musicians for Musicians

Le Spiccato believes in fostering a positive environment to nurture musical talents. They prioritize creating an enriching and welcoming school atmosphere by investing in an environment that inspires artistic expression. It’s a cozy and motivating space for student growth.

Le Spiccato Music Enrichment

Diverse courses for every aspiring musician

Le Spiccato offers an array of meticulously designed courses to cater to various age groups and skill levels:

  • Classical / Contemporary Piano: Prepares students for exams like ABRSM, Trinity, and Direct School Admission.
  • Violin/Viola: Focuses on building a strong foundation and achieving higher grades in examinations.
  • Cello: Nurtures the soul and mind. Students learn a unique playing style and foundational skills.
  • Chamber Music Ensemble: Introduces students to expressive chamber music, enhancing collaboration, support, and improvisation skills.
  • Theory Lessons: Builds a solid musical foundation.
  • Early Care Music Enrichment Course: A joyful, hands-on learning experience that aids brain development.

Tracking progress and building confidence through performance

Le Spiccato firmly believes that all parents would like to see their children’s progression; not only through their teachers’ update but also to see their own children perform on stage. Unlike other schools that charge students for concert performances, Le Spiccato hosts two annual concerts at prestigious venues like SOTA, entirely free for students.

Teachers ensure that every student, regardless of skill level, gets the opportunity to perform, fostering a sense of belonging and celebration. Additionally, Le Spiccato adds a festive touch to its curriculum, regularly offering gifts, festival events, giveaways, and show tickets to enhance the musical journey.

Le Spiccato Music Review

Embark on the melodic journey

Le Spiccato invites you to reimagine music learning, setting forth on a journey of self-discovery through the melodious world of music. It’s an opportunity to awaken and cultivate your child’s latent talent, instilling a love for classical music that will resonate throughout their lifetime.

Join the movement, embrace the melody, and reimagine music education with Le Spiccato!

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This post is brought to you by Le Spiccato.

By Joanne Heng.

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