Replace Glow of the Computer Screen to Sparks of the Campfire

Did you know that today’s children spend more than seven hours a day engaged with technology? That’s a lot isn’t it? No worries, because this summer we invite the kids to unplug at iCamp Thailand Summer Camp 2017!

iCamp Thailand Summer Camp 2017

At iCamp Thailand we believe summer is about kids having fun, making friends, learning new skills, reconnecting with nature and people. We promise that with us kids will experience the very best summer activities.

Our happy campers will take a break from technology and meet new friends and spend the summer being physically active, and enjoying a fun learning programme of sports, arts, circus, music and others. Campers will also enjoy weekly excursions where they can explore the stunning nature of Kanchanaburi.

Our Vision is to inspire each camper to look beyond their current capabilities. At iCamp Thailand, campers develop a sense of independence while forming lifelong friendships, learn new skills as they try new adventures away from gadgets and online games. After finishing our camp they will continue exploring their world with new found confidence and to recognize that they all have a special gift.

Summer Camp Unplugged 2017 Session Dates:

Session 1: June 25 to July 15
Session 2: July 16 to August 5
Session 3: August 6 to August 26

Campers can expect to enjoy the following and much more while at camp:

– Football
– Basketball
– Volleyball
– Boxing
– Horseback Riding
– Dance – contemporary, hip hop, theatre etc.
– Music from drums, vocals, guitar, piano
– Circus including a full sized flying trapeze
– Arts and Crafts
– Camp fire

To book for iCamp Thailand Summer Camp 2017:
Drop us an email at

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