Lights! Sound! Action! organized by Gymnademics was held at The Substation Theatre on 5th May 2013. With a desire to introduce the young ones to the theme of Arts and Culture, Gymnademics remained true to what they have always believed in – using purposeful play activities to draw out the curiosity and desire in the little ones.

gymnademics big day out - lights sound action

The event started out with a play about Chris who aspires to perform in National Day Parade but could not attend the audition because of his stepsister. Luckily, a fairy godfather appears and creates a costume, dance shoes and even a car to get Chris ready for the audition. Using the play as a platform for learning, the children learnt about the traffic light in an exciting way!

Valuing parents as equal partners in their educational program, Gymnademics invited parents to be part of this exciting learning journey with their child. There were many interactive activities that were conducted after the play that encouraged parents to be part of their child’s learning experience.

Children and parents were highly encouraged to explore all 5 activity stations around the theatre compound. These stations include:

1. Theatre Etiquette
This station aims to educate the children on the appropriate behaviour expected of anyone going to the theatre. Through the pictures, children will be able to read the visual cues that help them to learn and practise these etiquettes.gymnademics big day out theatre etiquette

2. Lights
Children were encouraged to identify primary and secondary colours in this station. They learn to appreciate how primary coloured spot lights can be mixed to form secondary coloured lights. Children also get the chance to observe the stage spot lights.gymnademics big day out lights

3. Sound
Children were engaged in an interactive storytelling session where they had the chance to use different instruments to create sounds at the appropriate moments during the story.gymnademics big day out sounds
4. Action
This station allow children to try out various props that can be used in a play, and experience what it is like to be on stage. Children also get the chance to express themselves as they explore various emotions.gymnademics lights sound action - exploring backstage

5. Backstage
The Backstage station provides an opportunity for the children to see how regular individual gets transformed into a stage character through the use of make-up and costumes. Children can also try the costumes out!gymnademics big day out backstage

That said, Lights! Sound! Action! has brought an enriching learning experience to both children and parents.  With the efforts by a group of dedicating and enthusiastic teachers and facilitators, the event has definitely created an opportunity for parents and child to come together to learn about theatre plays.

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By Dinah Shahab