The theme is shaped by four core values and brought to life through 11 artworks designed for children to nurture their personal development and understanding of the world.

Gallery Children's Biennale

The highly anticipated Children’s Biennale by National Gallery Singapore is returning for its 4th edition. From 27 May 2023 to 31 March 2024, visitors can explore 11 new artworks by international artists that spotlight four core values: Care, Collaborate, Imagine and Respect for free.

Gallery Children’s Biennale 2023

Set to spark conversations around the pressing issues of today, the Biennale uses questions such as “what kind of world do we live in today, and what kind of world would you like to live in?” to craft its theme of ‘Let’s Make a Better Place’. Each artwork is tied to one of the four core values and leverages artistic concepts to bring to the fore the relevant issues in an easy-to-understand manner for children.

The Biennale continues to offer families an immersive experience that invites open communication, creativity, and reflection about the future, and aims to inspire children to take an active role in shaping a better world for themselves and others.

Gallery Children’s Biennale Let’s Make a Better Place

The Gallery is proud to feature artists from Thailand and Malaysia for the first time at the Biennale, highlighting the Gallery’s ongoing commitment to showcasing exceptional talents from Southeast Asia. The artists include Tawatchai Puntusawasdi (Thailand), Fadilah Karim (Malaysia), Kumi Yamashita (Japan/USA), artworks from the International Museum of Children’s Art (Norway), Arahmaiani (Indonesia), Singapore artists like Chiang Yu Xiang, Izziyana Suhaimi, Ly Yeow, Wang Ruobing, and a collaboration between LittleCr3atures®, Lynette Quek and Jevon Chandra (Singapore/Indonesia).

Gallery Children’s Biennale 2023 Expands with Exciting Additions

Building on the success of its 2021 phygital format, the 2023’s edition of the microsite will showcase four games, each inspired by a core value, providing children from all over the world an opportunity to learn and discover through play. Online visitors can look forward to playing with light and shadow, creating their own island filled with animals and music, and solving a detective mystery at a fictional art museum—inspired by imagine, respect and care respectively.

Gallery Children’s Biennale 2023 Compound

For the core value of collaboration, the game titled “A Curious Connection” is integrated into the Biennale’s onsite offerings, providing a unique and interactive way for visitors to collaborate with anyone in the world. This innovative experience requires two players to participate, one online and one on-site. The online player is presented with an untitled artwork from the Gallery’s collection and is challenged to imagine a title for it using four words. The on-site player, who is physically present at the Gallery’s Padang Atrium, must then use the title provided by the first player as inspiration to draw their own artwork.

Visitors can also look forward to an exciting addition – My Biennale Buddy. This booklet provides further details about each artwork, the artists, programmes, and thought-provoking questions that children can use to deepen their understanding of each core value. For visitors who are keen to explore beyond the Biennale, the booklet also includes information on four artworks from the permanent collection that emphasises on one of the four core values.

My Biennale Buddy is equipped with interactive features, such as a comprehensive map that aids visitors in navigating the festival, inviting them to collect stamps after visiting each artwork and eventually redeem a complimentary souvenir at the Visitors Services Counter upon collecting all 10 stamps. Children can also design their own character, which will come to life and interact with the artworks through Augmented Reality Activation.

A thought-provoking experience that engages children through four core values:


Gallery Children's Biennale 2023 Let’s Make a Better Place

New York based Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita presents Foundation Wave, an artwork comprising of a collection of intricate human profiles melded into a cloud-like sculpture at the Supreme Court Foyer and hand-drawn on a 13-meter wall at the corridor opposite Odette restaurant. The artist is inspired by the world she wanted to live in as a child and the profiles created are inspired by people she met during her travels. Children are invited to record their heartbeats and hear it play across the space as a meaningful act of creating connections as a community through the beating of our hearts.


Gallery Children's Biennale 2023 Light Up Mushrooms

Fadilah Karim’s artwork, SAMA-SAMA (TOGETHER) takes references to the autobiographical nature of her artistic practice. Inspired by key moments spent with her daughter Aira – both at home and in her studio, this artwork brings forth the joys of childhood through the perspective of a mother (or a parent). Visitors are invited to create artworks inspired by their favourite memories, build and spend time in a fort and to draw quirky portraits of themselves and their loved ones. Each activity invites parents and carers and children to experience her work by making memories through art making and interactive play together.


Gallery Children’s Biennale 2023 Entrance

We Move This City by Chiang Yu Xiang is a toddler-friendly artwork that incorporates the use of moving visuals, larger-than-life soft Tetris blocks and its very own MRT cabin! Children as young as two can safely interact with the artwork and use their creativity to bring their imagination to life. The artist’s inspiration was based on the concept of people being on the move via public and private transport, and children are encouraged to imagine the future of transport and reflect on the human need for speed and mobility.


Gallery Children’s Biennale 2023 Magic Forest

Children are invited to walk through, feel, connect and identify with the artwork by Ly Yeow – When I Am With You. The exhibition is inspired by Singapore’s very own intertidal areas such as Changi Beach. The artist drew inspiration from her personal memories and experiences with marine life, as well as the reports in recent years of visitors to the intertidal areas bringing wildlife home. Focusing on the core value of Respect, When I Am With You seeks to educate and emphasise the mutual relationship between the environment and the community – encouraging children to be more conscious of their surroundings and be intentional in respecting the spaces they occupy.

Enriching on-site programmes and performances for all ages

To further enhance visitors’ on-site experience at the Gallery Children’s Biennale, there will be a myriad of complementary on-site children’s programmes by artists and partners for all to enjoy. Visitors can pop by the two artworks – The Magic Forest and Can you see the forest for the trees? to enjoy free art-making activities or attend fun and interactive experiences, such as sonic exploratory sessions by LittleCr3atures®, roving theatre performances by Five Stones Theatre, craft workshops facilitated by the artists who also conceptualised the artworks, and more.

Gallery Children’s Biennale will open on 27 May 2023 to 31 March 2024 at National Gallery Singapore. The Biennale continues to be free for all visitors to explore. A new edition of the Biennale Art Pack, which includes self-guided activities, will be available for purchase at the vending machines located around the Gallery.

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